All the Ways You Can Make Eggs in the Microwave

If you're not making eggs in the microwave, what are you waiting for?

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May 18, 2021

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The traditional, protein-packed breakfast of two eggs to start your morning tends to come with the automatic assumption that it's going to be time consuming to prepare — who wants to mess with cleaning pots and pans before starting a day of work? Eggs don't have to be reserved for slow weekend mornings, though. While it might seem unconventional to use your microwave for anything other than heating up your leftovers, they are actually great gadgets for quick cooking, too. We love using ours to make eggs in the morning. With the proper gadgets, you can whip up fluffy scrambled eggs, eggs perfectly fit for a breakfast sandwich or bagel and hard-boiled eggs for the week.


If you love to grab a breakfast sandwich from your local deli in the morning, it might be worth making one at home. With this cooker from OXO, your eggs will be scrambled or fried to the perfect shape in less than a minute. This product is designed to do everything in one gadget, so you can whisk your eggs directly in the bowl before cooking. Plus, the shape of the cooker helps cook the yolk for fried eggs perfectly.

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There is no doubt that having your breakfast sandwich on a bagel elevates the taste and texture, but you might find yourself frustrated with the hole in the center where your food can potentially spill out. No need to worry, this microwave egg cooker is designed with this issue in mind, creating an opening in the center for eggs that will stay right where you want them.

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Poached eggs can be difficult to make on your own, but this gadget makes it easy and convenient. Plus, it also doubles as a bacon griller, so you can quickly prepare all the ingredients for your breakfast sandwich on one appliance.

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Hard-boiling eggs on the stove might be the traditional way, but it's definitely not the easiest or most reliable. If you want to make sure your yolks are cooked exactly the way you like every time (whether that's soft- or hard-boiled), this microwave gadget will help you out. It holds up to four eggs and takes anywhere from five to seven minutes to cook, depending on your preference. You'll be making egg salad sandwiches or enjoying a morning snack in no time.

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Packing an omelette with veggies, cheese and meat is a great way to get a flavorful, protein-packed breakfast in the morning. Don't get caught up in making one over the stove when you can make one in the microwave just as easily. This cooker holds up to four eggs at a time and takes just minutes to cook. Plus, the non-stick surface makes for easy clean-up.

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If you're looking for a way to makes eggs in the microwave and a beautiful piece of kitchen decor, these little ceramic cookers are the perfect mix between the two. Our staffers love cooking with these for fluffy, delicious eggs on-the-go.

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