7 Products to Get Your Cookware Cabinet Under Control Once and for All

These products will ensure you never have to dig for your favorite frying pan again.

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June 17, 2021

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Whether you recently invested in a new cookware set or are working with mismatched pots and pans from over the years, keeping your cookware cabinet organized ia crucial for the long-term success of the pots and pans — not to mention, it'll make finding that skillet for omelets a lot easier. You don't need a big, new kitchen to keep your pots and pans organized. Cookware can be stored in a variety of ways: stacked, sideways, from the ceiling or even on the wall. No matter how you plan to organize your cookware, there are a few principles to keep in mind when you're choosing the right storage for you.

How to Store Nonstick Cookware

Nonstick cookware is commonly found in two coatings: Teflon or ceramic. Keeping the coating in good condition will determine how well your nonstick pans work. When storing nonstick pans, it's important to ensure that whatever method you choose keeps pans from rubbing against each other to avoid scratching the nonstick surface of the pan. Any pans with scratched Teflon should be replaced.

How to Store Stainless Steel Cookware

Stainless steel cookware is meant to be extremely durable and can be stored in many ways without damage. If you plan to stack stainless steel pans, make sure you place paper towels or pan protectors between them so they don't get stuck together.

What About Lids?

Some space-saving cookware sets are designed with lids that nest in pots and pans they go with. For other sets with lids, a sideways solution might work best.

Cookware Storage Solutions


These felt protecters are ideal for mismatched sets of pots and pans that just need some stacking. Use them in between pans to keep the surfaces scratch-free and for easy grab-and-go. If you store your cookware in large kitchen drawers, these protectors will work well.

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Stacking your pans doesn't always leave room for lids. This smaller organizer is ideal for apartment kitchens without a ton of storage space or anyone who just has a couple of pans they need to store.

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Grow your cookware collection without sacrificing your storage solution. This expandable organizer fits in to lower cabinets on a shorter setting or in a walk-in pantry with a whole wall's-worth of space when fully expanded.

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A hanging pot rack can give a kitchen a retro vibe and save valuable cabinet space for dinnerware and food. This style of organization is great for kitchens with space above an island or countertop to ensure you don't unexpectedly hit your head on the saute pan.

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Stack your cookware upright in lower cabinets with no shelving. This solution works well with shallow frying and saute pans, and their lids, but isn't quite deep enough for sauce pots.

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If you're in the market for a cookware set that offers a built-in storage solution, Caraway's seven-piece set comes with a pot and pan holder and storage for lids.

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Julia Child was known for hanging her kitchen tools on a peg board, so you know it's a solid storage solution. This pegboard is designed for kitchens and comes in multiple colors to match whatever aesthetic you're going for.

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