11 Top-Rated Microwave Gadgets You Need to Cook Just About Anything

These well-reviewed products cook eggs, cake and more in the oven!

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October 19, 2021
By: Hadiya Presswood

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Many of us use our microwave solely to reheat leftovers or to quickly warm up a snack, perhaps not even stopping to consider what more we could do with it. A microwave can be quite versatile, given the appropriate heating times and vessels. We rounded up some microwave-specific gadgets that could help you get more use out of yours.

Not only can you make scrambled or fried eggs in a minute, you can also serve them in this pretty ceramic dish. The lid is ventilated to prevent the yolk from exploding, and its small size makes for convenient storage.

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This set is perfect for preparing, cooking and reheating food. It's uniformity creates an aesthetic that adds to the professional feeling you'll get from using these sturdy glass pieces (which are also oven-friendly). If you'd rather chose a specific size, you can shop the pieces individually.

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This grill allows you to cook six pieces of bacon at once, perfect for making grab-and-go breakfasts. If you're worried about saving your microwave from a mess, the grill comes with a grease trap at the bottom and a splatter guard at the top.

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One of the benefits of this personal popcorn maker is its kernel measuring tool on its lid. You can boost movie night (or a good binge-watching session!) with up to a quart and a half of popcorn, seasoned to taste. It also comes in six bright colors!

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The steam created by this cheeky product helps you remove all that stuck-on food left behind in the microwave by loosening the hardened remnants and deodorizing the microwave. You can customize the mama, who comes in a variety of colored shirts and hair.

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This lid works twice as hard to protect your microwave: it has a wide diameter for full coverage and a hole for ventilation so steam doesn't build up and cause the food to splatter. It can even be used to cover pots and pans when cooking!

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Make your favorite rice or grain in this convenient cooker that's the perfect size for small portions. A word of caution: it may take some experimenting to get the perfect rice to water to microwave time ratio.

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This all-in-one container helps make al dente pasta. The lid comes with a portion tool (finally, a way to make just the right amount of spaghetti) and draining side. The water goes into a reservoir, which circulates so the pasta doesn't stick or burn.

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Increase your microwave's repertoire by steaming vegetables, fish, and poultry. The vented steamer keeps food from drying out while reducing the chance of food splattering. It's equipped with handles so that it can be safely transported.

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This single serve cake maker includes all the tools you need for a quick treat. The components serve as measuring units, and you mix everything in the bowl that you microwave the batter in. In about five minutes you'll have something sweet.

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Let's face it: building a fire is not viable every time you want s'mores. Fortunately, with this s'mores maker, you only need 30 seconds until you have two sticky treats. It's easy to use and easy to clean, too.

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