Move Over Cheese Puffs, There’s a New Snack in Town

And it may be blessed from the beyond.

BTS wide shot of Trisha with crew during a walk through.

BTS wide shot of Trisha with crew during a walk through.

On the new season of Trisha’s Southern Kitchen, Trisha is sharing a secret family recipe for cheese straws so good that Trisha once asked for them for her birthday instead of a cake. Like so many amazing food creations, these were a happy accident. Trisha’s mother asked for the recipe from a lady in their hometown who made them for wedding receptions and parties. “When my mom made them for the first time,” says Trisha, “she accidentally doubled the cheese. That was what made her cheese straws, in my opinion, the best things ever.”

These cheese straws also might be a work of divine intervention, “I could never make these turn out like my mom’s and then after my mom passed away, the first time I made the cheese straws they came out perfectly and have ever since so I think my mom was basically saying, ‘Alright, you can do it now,’”

The cheese and butter mixture for the dough needs to be beaten for 15-30 minutes, until it resembles whipped cream. “When my mom said to whip this for 30 minutes, she was not joking, that’s what’s going to give you the texture that you need to make the perfect cheese straw.” After adding flour and seasoning the dough with cayenne, garlic powder and thyme, Trisha uses an old school cookie press with a star tip to make her straws. If you don’t have one you can roll them into cookie shapes or even use an electric cookie press. Bake the straws at 325 degrees, flipping halfway through, until the straws are golden brown and crisp, about 20 minutes.

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