My Favorite Movie Theater Snack Is Finally Coming to Grocery Stores

Cheetos' new snack mix is my cheesy popcorn of choice.

January 12, 2021


Photo by: Hand-out


I am one of those people who brings a bag full of her own snacks to the movie theater — at least I was one of these people pre-pandemic. However, the last time I attended a movie before the world shut down, it was a 10-minutes-until-the-movie-starts decision, and my only snack options were overpriced candy and popcorn sold at the theater. It was in this movie-going trip that I discovered Cheetos Popcorn, my new movie snack of choice.

Cheetos Popcorn is essentially a mix of crunchy Cheetos and popcorn with cheesy Cheetos dust. It's crunchy, airy, salty and slightly cheesy in that classic Cheetos way. Basically, it works.

Pre-pandemic, Cheetos popcorn could only be found at movie theaters around the country. In New York City, it cost $10 a bag — a hefty price for a grocery store snack that's usually just a few dollars.

Now, Cheetos is bringing this ultimate popcorn mix to store shelves — for a way cheaper price. For $3.99, you can get a medium-sized bag of Cheetos Crunch Pop Mix (bagged Cheetos Popcorn) into your own chip cabinet. Much to my surprise, the packaged bag tastes pretty close to the movie theater standard. The popcorn is airy and fresh, crunchy Cheetos stay crunchy and it's covered with the salty Cheetos cheese dust that makes this way better than your favorite cheddar popcorn. Trust me, just try it.

The next time you're planning a movie night, I highly recommend bringing a bowl of this popcorn mix out to your family. If they love cheesy popcorn, Cheetos and some crunch with their snacks, it's sure to be a hit.

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