Heck Yes, Chocolate Dunkaroos Are Coming Back This Summer

The once-retired ’90s snack is making comeback after comeback.

April 27, 2021

Photo by: Photo courtesy of General Mills

Photo courtesy of General Mills

Very exciting retro-snack news for nostalgic ’90s kids who lean more chocolate than vanilla: Chocolate Dunkaroos are coming back.

And now that you’re all grown up, you can just plan to pick them up at the grocery store when they return this summer — rather than, like, beg your mom to please, please, please buy them or trade literally anything on your tray for them during school lunch.

The General Mills brand coyly teased the return of Chocolate Dunkaroos (handy little sectioned packets of vanilla cookies you can dip in chocolate frosting for a hit of DIY deliciousness, for the woefully uninitiated) on social media on Sunday, when it tweeted out an image of a single teeny image of a Chocolate Dunkaroo amidst a sea of Vanilla Dunkaroos imagery.

The caption: “I spy with my little eye…

Commenters spotted the clue pretty quickly. One posted an image of the minuscule Chocolate Dunkaroo, circling it with red.

“Answer: They’re bringing back Chocolate Frosting Dunkaroos,” another wrote.

Dunkaroos confirmed the news on Monday.

“Booyah! The rumors are true, Chocolate Dunkaroos are coming back this summer!” it tweeted. “Find them at 7-Eleven and grocery stores nationwide!!”

A General Mills representative added via e-mail: “Starting in July at grocery and select convenience stores nationwide, you can celebrate the return of warmer weather with the sweet, fun and dunkable treat everyone knows and loves,” she wrote. “The MSRP is $1.79 per 1.5 oz tray.”

Last summer, General Mills brought back Vanilla Dunkaroos (originally launched in 1992 and discontinued in the U.S. in 2012) after fans including Kim Kardashian and Chrissy Teigen began clamoring for their return. Since then, it has expanded the brand’s offerings with, among other items, Dunkaroos cereal and frosting.

Chocolate lovers yearning for the sweet comforts of childhood, rejoice.

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