We All Scream for Avocado Ice Cream?

Now there’s a new way to get your non-dairy frozen dessert thrills and chills.

The existence of Cado ice cream, which just made it into Whole Foods freezer cases, proves two things: 1. Ice cream lovers steering clear of dairy have an ever increasing number of options to satisfy their frozen-dessert cravings. 2. Avocados truly are everywhere these days.

Cado avocado frozen dessert, available in pints at stores across the U.S., bills itself as "the first avocado-based, non-dairy ice cream with heart-healthy avocado fat," with "real, organic, non-gmo certified ingredients." It’s currently available in three flavors – Deep Dark Chocolate, Simply Lemon and Mint Chocolate Chip – with others, including Vanilla Bean, Salted Caramel Swirl, Cherry Amaretto and Java Chip, on the way.

Founded by an Iowa family in 2016, Cado promises that its frozen dairy dessert is "rich and creamy"; vegan; gluten, soy and nut free; plant based; and "full of heart healthy monounsaturated fat." Ingredients include organic avocado puree (water, organic avocado), non-organic avocado oil, organic cane sugar and organic tapioca starch. There are 170 calories and 12 grams of fat in a 1/2 cup serving.

"But don’t worry," the company reassures on its website, "it doesn’t taste like avocado!"

Who was worried?

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