Maximize Your Blender

Sure it makes a mean smoothie, but are you using your blender for all it's worth? Find out what other healthy recipes you can make with this kitchen tool.

There's one kitchen appliance that seems relegated to smoothies, margaritas and slushies. Think beyond drinks and get creative with this useful kitchen tool:

  • Puree eggs with a little water or milk before making omelets. Using the blender adds air to the egg mixture and produces a lighter, fluffier omelet.
  • Turn chunky soups into velvety purees (puree soup in small batches to prevent overflow and cover the lid with a towel to prevent burns).
  • Puree softened light vanilla ice cream or frozen yogurt to create a rich sauce for fresh fruit and slices of angel food cake and quick breads.
  • Make pesto: puree fresh herbs, toasted nuts, garlic and olive oil until smooth, adding oil, broth or water as necessary to create a thick puree. For herbs, try parsley, basil and cilantro. For nuts, try toasted pine nuts, walnuts and almonds.
  • Make your own salad dressings: combine vinegar (red wine, balsamic, sherry or cider vinegar), olive oil and mustard (Dijon or honey mustard) and puree until smooth; add shallots, garlic and fresh herbs as desired.
  • Grind whole peppercorns for a distinctly fresh black pepper taste. You can also grind white and pink peppercorns or combine black, pink and white to create a peppercorn medley.
  • Grind whole coffee beans: grind on the "crush ice" setting and process until you reach the desired grind.
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