How to Build an Indoor Vertical Garden

The sky's the limit with this eco-friendly project!

By: Let's Get Green!
Episode: Let's Get Green!

One of the easiest ways to go green is to grow your own plants. The Kitchen is sharing how to make your very own indoor herb garden. Upcycle old tomato cans and give them a new life as herb planters. This vertical garden fits into any small space and comes together in just a few steps--no gardening expertise required.

You will need:

  • - Wooden board
  • - Screws or nails
  • - 4 ring clamps
  • - Drill
  • - 4 empty 28-ounce tomato cans
  • - Herb plants
  • - Soil

To get started, you’ll need a piece of wood as the base of your vertical herb garden. Using screws or nails, attach the ring clamps to the board in a staggered fashion to hold the “planters.” After cleaning the tomato cans inside and out, drill a few holes at the bottom for water drainage and put each can into a ring clamp and tighten it. If you prefer not to drill holes for drainage, you can add pebbles to the bottom of the cans.

Next, choose your favorite herbs and plant them in the cans, adding a bit of soil on top if needed. We used mint, rosemary, tarragon and parsley. Another easy way to upcycle is to drill a few holes into the cap of an old plastic bottle and turn it into a new watering can with a light flow of water.

The final step is to enjoy! Having access to fresh herbs is a great way to add a special touch to a variety of recipes. You can even make them the star of a quick compound butter. You’ll also reduce waste when it comes to using herbs, since you can always reach for the exact amount you need. It’s a fresh and delicious way to help the planet.

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