These Snacks Are Trending for Spring

Treat your taste buds to new ingredients!


This snack is a trendy, more nutritious alternative to potato chips, that are lower in carbs and higher in fiber. They are "vacuum-cooked," which results in a super-flavorful crisp; they are cooked at a reduced temperature, which intensifies the mushroom flavor.

Shiitake mushrooms are already an umami food, and these are seasoned with the savory flavors of onion, garlic, and yeast extract. It's a satisfying and extra-crunchy healthy snack!


These mango wraps are a new low-carb twist on sandwich wraps. Made from mango puree and chipotle pepper powder, they lend a hint of sweet and a little heat to anything they wrap. One of these wraps is lower in carbs and calories, as compared to a typical flour tortilla.

The wrap does add flavor, so the components of your wrap can be simple. We like turkey, mayo and tomato, but it's also mild enough to go with any profile. For a twist, try it with a Thai Peanut wrap!


This pasta alternative is made entirely of the hearts of palm. The veggie is cut into the shape of linguine and has a tenth of the carbs of traditional pasta! These hearts of palm linguine come in cans or shelf-stable pouches and are already cooked. All you have to do is rinse, sauce, heat, and serve!

They are great as leftovers too because as the "pasta" sits it plumps up and absorbs more of the sauce.

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