Top Food Trends at the Winter Fancy Food Show

By: Victoria Phillips

January may be almost over, but the year’s newest food trends are just starting to heat up. Trendspotters at the 37th annual Winter Fancy Food Show in San Francisco, Calif., spent three days combing 80,000 products from 1,300 booths to find the next “it” thing in food.

At the top of the must-have ingredient list: coconut. A surprisingly versatile ingredient, coconut can instantly transform a dish. Whether you’re using the juice or the meaty white flesh, using this tropical fruit to infuse any meal puts you ahead of the curve.

Start with something traditional and easy like Sandra Lee’s Lemon Filled Coconut Cupcakes (pictured above). Light and moist, these cupcakes will turn any skeptic into a full-on coconut fan.

Ease into this trend with Emeril’s Grilled Marinated Fish With Tropical Salsa and Coconut Rice. Mild fish like mahi mahi pairs well with creamy, fluffy coconut rice.

Whip up an easy weeknight meal in less than 30 minutes with Claire Robinson’s Coconut Curry Shrimp. Ginger, curry powder and coconut milk come together in a quick curry sauce you'll make over and over again.

Robert Irvine’s Coconut Chicken uses lots of vegetables like cauliflower, carrots and potatoes. Serve over rice and add shredded, toasted coconut for even more flavor.

More trends from the Winter Fancy Food Show:
  • Ancient Grains — Discover a world of quinoa, farro and freekeh. Easy to make and a great substitute for rice, old-world grains are definitely enjoying the limelight.
  • Pickling — Peas, carrots, raisins. You name it and it can probably be pickled.
  • Gluten-Free — More companies are producing products with gluten-free needs in mind. For example, pizza dough, granola and flour are all available in gluten-free varieties.
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