Has Everything You've Tasted Your Entire Life Been a Lie?

Imagine the foods you love the least suddenly becoming your favorite foods? That is the magic of the Miracle Berry. But it’s not magic at all; it’s science, and very real.

The Miracle Berry (aka the Mberry) is a sugar-coated pill that contains the fruit of the Synsepalum dulcificum plant native to West Africa. The plant has a protein called miraculin that temporarily numbs sour and bitter taste receptors. Oh, did I mention the Mberry is 100-percent safe to eat? 

At first, I was skeptical. I mean, who wouldn’t be? The Mberry sounds like a wannabe cell-phone brand, and anything that promises to trip out my taste buds, even if just for one hour, sounds like a “nah, I’m good” kind of thing. 

But curiosity got the best of me when I was challenged to a taste test. Our experiment was to take the Mberry, then try five different foods: strawberries, chicory, lemon, Guinness, cream cheese, and jalapeno. 

Here’s how it works: You take the pill, roll it around in your mouth, allowing it to fully coat your tongue. Then, the fun begins! 

After taking the Miracle Berry, we first tasted the strawberries. They were surprisingly extra berrylicious! I happen to LOVE strawberries in real life, but my friend Jordyn, who partnered with me in this experiment, can’t stand them. She did admit she could tolerate strawberry-flavored things, but not the raw ingredient alone. After taking the Mberry, she temporarily fell in love with strawberries. How is that possible, people? 

Next was chicory -- kale’s BFF. I love kale and other dark bitter greens, but the Mberry did not deliver on its promise to numb my bitter taste buds. It was still bitter AF! In fact, I think the chicory tasted even more bitter than usual. 

Next up was the lemon. I’m one of those weirdos who eats the whole apple: skin, stem, seeds and all (don’t judge me). I savaged the entire lemon, which while not atypical to my personality, was surprisingly almost expected when you tasted it. The lemon tasted like Beyoncé herself made her Lemonade album into a juicy fruity candy – wouldn’t that taste amazing?! Of course, it would. 

The Guinness tasted pretty much like flat dark soda (not a fan). The cream cheese tasted, well, like cream cheese. I wish I could tell you it tasted more like a New York style cheesecake from the Cheesecake Factory, but that would outright be fake news. 

Last up was the jalapeno. Spoiler alert: the Miracle Berry will not take away your spice buds, folks. The first bite of jalapeno was like biting into a sweet, green bell pepper; very deceitful. Then the spice crept up on me and whoa, I felt the heat. 

Eating the Miracle Berry is like having Willy Wonka himself perform surgery on your tongue to make everything taste better – well, maybe not everything. The sours in foods become sweet, and in my case the bitter became more bitter. Here was my big question: Has everything I’ve been tasting my entire life been a lie? I wondered about other foods I’m not crazy about, like cottage cheese. Would I love it after taking the Miracle Berry? Maybe. Then again, the texture alone grosses me out so would I really like it? Hard to say.

If you consider yourself a picky eater, or hate tomatoes, for example, chances are after trying the Mberry, you will still hate tomatoes and be a picky eater in real life; but maybe for one hour, you will be able to see why people love tomatoes because they will be the best thing you’ve ever tasted. It’s also important to consider that the Miracle Berry won’t change the texture or appearance of whatever you are eating, it will only change its flavor. So cottage cheese probably will never be a win for me, berry or no berry. 

Experiencing the Mberry is one less thing to cross off my bucket list, kids. Take it from me, it’s worth the try!  

Head over to Snapchat Discover to watch the Miracle Berry taste test! 

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