Is Dr Pepper’s Dark Berry Back? It’s Complicated

Only a select group of people will be getting the limited-edition drink, for now, we think?

May 04, 2022

Consumer demand brings back all sorts of beloved foods, from Taco Bell’s Mexican Pizza to McDonald’s Szechuan Sauce. The latest beloved item to return is also due to popular demand, but it’s returning in the most peculiar of ways.

Dr Pepper has announced that it’s bringing back the much-loved Dark Berry flavor for a limited time. The flavor, which was originally launched in collaboration with Spider-Man: Far From Home, has not been seen since 2019 – is now back. However, it’s only back for those whose name happens to be Barry!

This bizarre announcement was made on Twitter, and was fittingly shared by none other than one of the most famous of all those named Barry – Barry Manilow.

“Hi everyone! I'm Barry Manilow and I'm here to tell you that Dr Pepper Dark Berry is back for a limited time. But only for people named Barry. Barry- Berry, get it? So, if your name is Lola, Rico, Toni or of course Mandy, no Dark Berry for you,” he said in the video.

This tweet came as the brand gave away 500 cans of the soda, which is this time being related in conjunction with the upcoming film Jurassic World Dominion. The social media giveaway was specifically to those named Barry, or who claimed to be a Barry, of course! But those who are not named Barry will be able to get it soon enough. It will soon be available in all major retail outlets, including Target, who seems to already have a retailer page set up.

Meanwhile, the original cans of Dark Berry are still out there if you look hard enough. They can be found on Amazon right now, at $34.99 for a pack of 15. Not a bad deal!

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