The Foodgod Will Give You Golden (Chicken) Wings

Obviously only 24 Karat will do...

Foodgod golden Wings The Ainsworth

Foodgod golden Wings The Ainsworth

Photo by: Shannon Feulner

Shannon Feulner

Giving restaurant recommendations can be a tough job. But you don’t have to just "wing" it when you have Jonathan Cheban (AKA the Foodgod) to guide you on this culinary journey we call life. He is a man of many titles: Reality TV star, best friend to the Kardashians, entrepreneur and Foodgod to his over 2.6 million followers on Instagram.

His Instagram is filled with some seriously over-the-top food photos from the trendiest places on the food scene. When celebrities are seeking the hottest food items, restaurants and places to travel they immediately call upon the Foodgod for guidance. This is the approach Brian Mazza, President of Paige Hospitality Group is taking. I had the opportunity to speak with Mazza about his decision to collaborate with the Foodgod. Mazza said he "saw what he did with David for the Foodgod dessert at Komodo" and decided it would be great to team up with his friend of 12 years to create a new menu item. He added that he has a "love of gold in general" (which was apparent with his gold kicks). Of course his goal is to create an item that is finger licking "gold," but Mazza also mentioned the importance of how "they are going to be on Instagram."

The result of this collaboration is heavenly: 24-Karat gold-coated chicken wings. I mean, what other type of chicken wings are fit for a food god? These wings soak up a coconut butter, chipotle and honey batter for 24-hours before they are fried and enrobed in real gold flakes (do you see a theme here?). There's 24-hours in a day and we want 1 Karat for each of them, dang it! If you want golden finger tips, you can get these Golden Wings at The Ainsworth East Village and Chelsea locations. They are available in three tiers: 10 wings for $30, 20 wings for $60 or 50 wings plus a bottle of Jay Z's Champagne Armand de Brignac for $1,000 if you are feeling golden.

All that glitters is not gold, my friends... but these 24k gold-coated wings surely are. After trying these wings for myself I am tempted to cover all of my food in gold! You can't taste it and they look oh, so fabulous! Did I mention they add a bit of shimmer to your lips while you are chowing down? Now that ladies is what I like to call "multi-tasking". And while you may be thinking that these are so "extra", let me just say they are also extra delicious!

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