Impossible Made Possible: White Castle Now a Vegetarian Destination

And Wu-Tang Clan is helping to promote the chain’s new plant-based sliders.

It may have seemed impossible to imagine, not long ago, that White Castle, the fast-food mecca known for its small, square hamburgers (aka “sliders”), would roll out a vegan burger to great acclaim. Turns out it’s not only possible; it’s a nationwide reality.

After a wildly successful trial run at select locations in the spring, with better-than-expected sales, White Castle has rolled out its Impossible Sliders — a plant-based burger the fast-food chain says “sizzles, tastes and smells just like real beef” — across the country. The veggie burgers — known, too, for their ability to “bleed” like real meat, thanks to a “heme” protein called “soy leghemoglobin” — are selling for $1.99 and come with pickles, onions, and either cheese, meaning they are suitable for vegetarians but not for vegans, or not, making them safe for vegans as well. (Note to the chain’s decision makers: People on social media are clamoring for a vegan-cheese version.)

White Castle’s new status as a vegetarian destination may be mind-blowing enough, but the chain has further expanded what one may have thought possible by teaming up with the seminal rap group Wu-Tang Clan in order to promote the rollout of its Impossible Sliders.

Wu-Tang member RZA, a dedicated vegan, has narrated a (frankly, strange) promotional video, posted on White Castle’s Instagram page.

“Peace. My name is RZA9000, formerly known as the RZA,” he says in a voiceover over retro-eerie music. “I have uploaded my consciousness into a supreme data system and now I possess the knowledge infinite. Together with the Wu-Tang Clan, we will slide through space, seek wisdom and expand the parameters of the mind. If you are an Earthling and you need answers, call 1-833-4-SLIDER.”

When you call the number, RZA, in a recorded message, invites you to leave your own message asking a “question about existence” that, you are then informed, you consent to allow White Castle to use in the promotional campaign.

“All will be revealed. Wu-Tang in space, eating vegan Impossible Sliders — October 1,” RZA’s message concludes.

It’s all so charmingly retro-futuristic. Guess we’ll have to wait for the near future to see how it all plays out.

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