Sorry, but Ranch Pop-Tarts Are Not a Thing

But for one brief moment in time, dressing lovers could dream.

Q: Ranch-dressing-flavored Pop-Tarts: the food of your dreams or the stuff of nightmares?

A: A very clever figment of someone’s imagination.

Twitter user Kyle Heroff recently shared an image of a box that appeared to contain Frosted Ranch Dressing Pop-Tarts a mash-up of Kellogg’s beloved toaster pastries and that most controversial of condiments, Hidden Valley Ranch salad dressing.

"People say you can put ranch on anything....," Heroff wrote, tagging both @PopTartsUS and @HVRanch.

Excitement and horror ensued.

"wow my 2 favorite things......i need," one commenter responded.

"I don’t see a problem here? Looks like a nutritious breakfast to me," another weighed in.

"The crossover nobody wanted, the crossover nobody deserves," wrote a third.

It’s also a crossover that does not exist and, alas for those who crave it, likely never will.

The image was created in Photoshop as a parody by recently graduated architecture and design student Sean King, who has been posting a faux food mashup each and every day to his Instagram account Pop Tart a Day, Today reports.

Among King’s recent offerings: a Windex Frosted Pop-Tart and a Frosted Pop-Tart filled with Crocs. (Yes, the rubber shoes.) Take that, people who think the Hidden Valley Ranch dressing ones sound gross!

Those still holding out hope that, now that the idea has been put out there in the universe, Hidden Valley Ranch and Kellogg’s will see its genius and make it happen, allow them to be dashed.

Hidden Valley Ranch was game. "Hey @PopTartsUS — let's have some fun and give the people what they want," the dressing brand’s official Twitter account wrote, punctuating the post with a winky-face emoji.

But Pop-Tarts was not, sinking the idea with a pithy, "lol no."

Even Little Debbie got in on the action, tweeting, "There are times when people need to be protected from themselves."

Et tu, Little Debbie?

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