The Microwave of the Future Is Here to Chill Your Food

Something tells us this is going to be hot.

As they do every year, lots of curious high-tech products are currently making their debut at CES, the consumer technology show now underway in Las Vegas. But one that may be the coolest, literally, is the Juno Chiller.

The countertop gadget, which is being touted as “a microwave for cooling,” promises to chill wine, beer, soda, coffee or tea in less than one minute, eliminating that sinking feeling when you open the fridge and realize (sad trombone!) no one has restocked your beverage supply.

“We first set out to create a product that would quickly and conveniently chill both white AND red wine to sommelier-recommended temperatures. How many times have you had a guest bring over a bottle of wine without having a convenient way to quickly chill it? We knew we could solve this problem,” the California-based company behind Juno, Matrix Industries, wrote on a (now more than fully funded) Indiegogo page seeking help to bring the product to market. “So, we built the latest technology in thermoelectric cooling into Juno to rapidly chill a full sized bottle of white wine to 50º F in 3 minutes, and a bottle of beer in less than 1 minute.”

Juno can also turn hot coffee and tea into iced coffee or tea (no watering-down cubes needed!) or cool a can or bottle of beer or soda superfast. (No more fretting about forgetting them in the freezer and risking an explosive mess.)

The groundbreaking product uses “innovative MATRIX-powered thermoelectric technology to rapidly cool your drinks, without the use of noisy compressors or harmful chemical refrigerants,” explains the Juno Indiegogo page, which offers donors early discounted product pricing, with shipping to begin in late summer or fall. It also aims to look attractive and be easy to use.

The food-technology news website The Spoon offered a peek at a working prototype of the product unveiled by Matrix at CES, explaining in an Instagram caption that it “uses the Peltier effect” – whatever that is – “to cool a can of soda” and noting that the consumer version of the product will be much smaller than the CES-shown prototype.

The Juno Chiller has also caught the attention of Mashable, Forbes and a host of other tech-news outlets.

Conventional fridges, wine and beer coolers, and ice buckets, watch your backs.

Photo courtesy of Matrix

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