Stanley Tucci Breaks the Internet by Making a Drink

First we were blessed with Ina's cosmo. And now Tucci's Negroni.

April 22, 2020

An unexpected gift in these times: Stanley Tucci sharing his tips to making a primo Negroni.

The accomplished actor, who has authored two cookbooks, took to Instagram to school us all in the art of the perfectly made cocktail.

“What are you going to make me?” a female voice, presumably belonging to his wife, Felicity Blunt, the non-actress sister of actress Emily Blunt, flirtatiously inquires in the three-minute video.

“A Negroni,” Tucci replies, before catching himself. “Would you like one?”

After receiving an affirmative answer and fetching his wine (suggesting that Tucci and Blunt may have already been a little loosened up before making this video), the actor gets down to business to make his drink Tucci-style – not on the rocks, but “up,” which means chilled.

“Mostly people have Negronis on the rocks, but I think actually they’re quite nice up,” he says.

Step one, he advises, “A fair amount of ice in a shaker.” No worries if you spill one on the floor, apparently – and you’re good using your hands “because it’s the most hygienic way of getting ice into a shaker,” Tucci quips.

Step two, a double shot of gin, or vodka “lace[d]” with gin, “if you don’t like gin,” Tucci instructs.

Step three, sweet vermouth, one shot. And it has to be a good one, no inferior brands, he cautions.

Step four, one shot of Campari, “made in Milan, used in the ubiquitous Milanese cocktail,” Tucci notes.

Step five, shake vigorously. (A very controversial move, judging from the commenters, many of whom insist that stirring is the only acceptable mixing method.)

Step six, pour into a cup or martini glass “or whatever you want,” Tucci counsels.

Step seven, garnish with a slice of orange. Tucci jokes that he and his wife buy their oranges “pre-sliced,” direct from Florida, then comes clean. “That’s not true at all,” he admits.

Step eight, after a sip, relinquish it to your one true love, with whom you are clearly having way too much fun holing up inside your well-appointed home.

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