Why Is Everyone Obsessed With Negroni … Sbagliato, With Prosecco in It?

TikTok’s new drink of choice is all thanks to House of the Dragon star Emma D’Arcy.

October 11, 2022

What’s your drink of choice? Whatever it was before, the correct — really, the only — answer right at this particular cultural moment is “a Negroni … Sbagliato, with Prosecco in it.” (Oh, stunning!)

If those simple words describing a cocktail sound like the language of love to you, you know what we’re referring to here. TikTok is going bonkers for a viral clip of House of the Dragon actor Emma D’Arcy telling co-star Olivia Cooke what their favorite drink is.

The video clip, posted by HBOMax, has been watched 11.1 million times in just four days, and has sparked a TikTok response of 14.7K (and counting) videos strong. There’s just something about the way D’Arcy says it, well … watch it yourself and you’ll get what’s happening here.

@hbomax I'll take one of each. #houseofthedragon ♬ a negroni sbagliato w prosecco l hbo max - hbomax

Meanwhile, the response IRL, which was inevitable, has presumably been just as strong.

“My favorite development in the Emma D’Arcy Negroni Sbagliato clip … is all these bartenders saying, ‘Oh, I told my boss this weekend we had to order a bunch of Campari, and my boss was like, why? And then were double-shocked when it sold out because everyone’s going to the bar to order a Negroni … Spagliato, with Prosecco in it,’” shared TikToker @elfgifu4u, in a video that has itself been watched 1.4 million times.

Tons of people have posted videos of themselves saucily mimicking D’Arcy or drinking cocktails that are presumably the aforementioned Negroni … Spagliato, with Prosecco in it. Others have posted recipes.

Here are three things to know about what has suddenly become the Internet’s favorite seductive sip:

  • You don’t actually have to say “with Prosecco in it” when you order it (although of course you will). A Negroni Spagliato is by definition made with Prosecco, subbed in for the gin that defines a classic Negroni, which is made with equal parts gin, sweet vermouth and Compari, served over ice and garnished with an orange twist.
  • You’re actually asking for “a mistake.” A Negroni Spagliato translates from Italian as an “incorrect” or “wrong” Negroni, because legend has it that it originated when a bartender in Milan accidentally reached for Prosecco instead of gin while mixing a Negroni, making a new and different version of the drink by mistake.
  • You don’t have to rely on bartenders stocking up on the ingredients to enjoy it. A Negroni Spagliato is super easy to make at home yourself. Four ingredients. No shaking. Here’s a recipe. You’re welcome.

Though of course even if you make D’Arcy’s drink of choice at home, you must repeat … “A Negroni … Spagliato, with Prosecco in it.”

No, none of us will probably ever get that phrase out of our heads now. So, I guess we’ll just have to order another?

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