Everything You Need for a House of the Dragon Watch Party

Here’s how to throw an epic viewing party (from recipes to decor) to celebrate the August 21st premiere on HBO. Dragons included.

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August 09, 2022

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Get the Recipe: Dragon Egg Cake

Photo by: Heather Baird SprinkleBakes.com

Heather Baird SprinkleBakes.com

Get the Recipe: Dragon Egg Cake

Game of Thrones fans, it’s time to head back to Westeros. That’s right, the hit fantasy franchise is back and so are its infamous dragons. Premiering Sunday, August 21st on HBO and HBO Max, House of the Dragon promises to take viewers on an epic ten-episode adventure filled with betrayal, battles and bloodshed.

The prequel series, based on George R.R. Martin’s best-selling book, Fire & Blood, is set 200 years before the events of Game of Thrones and documents the reign, rise and fall of House Targaryen. Or as Executive Producer Sara Hess says in this exclusive BTS video, "it’s really just the story of one family slowly tearing itself apart" as they try to crown a new successor. Along with an even bigger roster of brand-new dragons — you’ll see 17 in total! — fans will also be introduced to Prince Daemon Targaryen, played by Doctor Who alum Matt Smith, King Viserys Targaryen, played by Paddy Considine, and Princess Rhaenyra Targaryen, played by Emma D’Arcy. The show will also feature background characters from other iconic GOT houses, including the Starks and the Lannisters. Click here to see the full cast list.

To celebrate the beginning of this sure-to-be-a-hit series, we’ve put together a plan for the perfect viewing party — here are our suggestions for decor, food, drinks, party favors and more. Dracarys!

Can’t wait for the premiere? Head over to the Apple or Google Play app stores now and download WarnerMedia’s free AR experience, House of the Dragon: DracARys, where you’ll be able to raise a fire-breathing dragon of your very own!

Dinner is Coming

Pigeon pie, stallion heart, lemon cakes, bowl of brown — those were just some of the more notable delicacies featured throughout the eight seasons of Game of Thrones. Though we can’t say we’d love to eat all of them, interesting dishes like these are sure to make an appearance in House of the Dragon, especially if the Targaryens throw as many lavish banquets as the Lannisters, Starks, Greyjoys and Baratheons did. To really play up the dragon theme at your own viewing party, we suggest serving deviled eggs, like the ones pictured below, as an appetizer; their unique marbeled texture reminds us an awful lot of dragon scales. The appropriately named Dragon’s Breath Chili is another great choice, and since it’s a big batch recipe, you’ll be sure to have enough to feed your very own army of bannermen.

Want some other main dish ideas? Focusing on hearty vegetables and ingredients like pork and spices is a creative way to pay homage to the series’ medieval time period, without being too literal. If you really want to lean heavily on the royalty aspect of the Targaryen dynasty, the ultra-regal Pork Crown Roast or the crown-shaped Herb and Cheese Monkey Bread both make a very fitting choice. Including other baked elements like rolls and pot pies is another yummy way to channel the Seven Kingdoms into your very own living room, though if you do happen to go with the pot or meat pie options below, please heed these wise words from GOT’s favorite baker’s apprentice Hot Pie: "Don’t get me started on the gravy. Very difficult to get right. See, a lot of people give up on the gravy. You cannot give up on the gravy. No gravy, no pie. Simple as that." You heard the boy!

No medieval feast (or premiere party) is complete without dessert! As we already mentioned above, House of the Dragon is sure to be filled with its fair share of carnage, so incorporating blood orange or berry "blood" in some way is a no-brainer. If you’re looking for something a little less gory, Molly Yeh’s Strawberry Princess Cakes, Food Network Magazine’s Pot of Gold Cake and Heather Baird's Dragon Egg Cake or Castle Cake (minus the seashells) are creative ways to spotlight the royalty and opulence of House Targaryen, while the Blondie Ice Cream Sandwiches make a cheeky ode to the family’s iconic golden locks of hair. And who could resist Food Network Kitchen’s towering Naked Chocolate Cake, which will also add a decadent touch to any banquet table.

Now that your party menu is squared away, it’s time to discuss table decor. To really transform your kitchen counter or dining room table into a feast fit for a king — or queen — we suggest dressing it up with gilded and metallic-colored elements like paper plates, disposable cutlery and cloth napkins. And don’t forget the dragons! Using festively-shaped napkin rings or inserting laser-cut treat picks into any of the desserts listed above is a subtle way to get your guests in the mood for all the action set to come their way. House Targaryen’s deep red and black colors also make a great design scheme.

Drink and Know Things

If there was one person throughout the eight seasons of Game of Thrones who knew how important drinks were to a large gathering, it was Tyrian Lannister. His hilarious quote, "That’s what I do. I drink and I know things," continues to be one of the most beloved (and most quoted) moments in television history. Naturally, then, it only makes sense to include some refreshing libations at your prequel premiere shindig. Since House Targaryen is known for its dragon and fire power, feel free to embody that fact with a few dragon fruit-infused beverages. Wine is also widely consumed in Westeros, so we even added a red wine slushie recipe below, which makes the perfect thrist-quenching sipper for the show’s mid-August timeslot. If your guests prefer drinks on the sweeter side, go with the Boozy Blondie Milkshakes; they’re yet another hilarious way to pay homage to the Targaryen’s iconic hair color. And who could forget about Wildfire?! The green, luminescent substance caused quite a bit of havoc in GOT's sophomore season, so we even included a brightly-colored option as a nod to it below.

Golden goblets, chalices and wooden tankards are plentiful throughout the pubs, taverns and inns of the Seven Kingdoms, so they should have a place on your bar cart too. To give your spread of cocktails the right touch of Targaryen charm and mischief, add an appropriately shaped ice cube or drink stirrer to them. If you don’t have time to make cocktails from scratch, fret not! You can purchase special-edition House of the Dragon wines through the link below.

Hold the Door — Then Decorate It!

Apart from its engrossing storyline and chunning cast of characters, we’re already pretty obsessed with the enhanced and enlarged scale of House of the Dragons’ stunning locations, sets and scenery. And that’s just based on the series trailer! Like Game of Thrones, much of House of the Dragon is slanted to take place in King’s Landing and the various castles, manors and battlefields that make up the majestic city. Since traveling to the fictional town is out of the question, transforming your viewing space is essential, if you want to give your guests the full House of the Dragon experience. Whether you choose to watch the premiere episode in your living room or stream it under the stars via a projector, a life-sized Iron Throne cutout is a must-have! Here are some other suggestions.

A Crown for a King…Or Queen

Another thing you’ll be sure to notice while watching the premiere episode of House of the Dragon is all the stunning costumes. From hammered armor and chainmail to floor-length gowns and gilded headpieces, the fashions being sported by the cast is pretty luxurious and spectacular. Since everyone loves dressing up, giving your friends the option of donning their own dragon wings, Targaryen-inspired wig or bedazzled crown is yet another fun way to turn your Sunday night get-together into the ultimate viewing party experience. Oh, and who wouldn’t want an excuse to carry around an adorable stuffed dragon under their arm all night long?!

Carrying the King’s Favor

House of the Dragon’s Hand of the King, Ser Otto Hightower, will be the first one to tell you that holding the "King’s favor" is a very useful and high honor to have. In fact, throughout the original GOT series, it was enough to have you bestowned with a sprawling castle or get all your enemies sent to the Wall. While we don’t condone banishment of any sort, we do fully approve of sending all your guests home with a goodie bag or box filled with fun party favors. Not only can they use them while watching the rest of House of the Dragon’s first season, but these little tokens are sure to make you the talk of the entire realm — and beyond!

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