Gene Simmons’ Ice-Cube-in-Cereal Habit Set the Internet Aflame

Who would have predicted that what is being called “2020’s First Big Food Trend” would be sparked by the frontman (or is that Paul Stanley?) of a band that hit its commercial peak in the late 1970s?

Gene Simmons, of KISS fame, has apparently set the Internet ablaze with his quirky breakfast habits. (What, you expected normalcy from the guy who made his name by dressing up as The Demon, breathing fire and sticking out his super-long tongue onstage?)

“Anyone else put ice cubes in their cereal?” Simmons tweeted on day one of the new decade (or of the last year of the previous decade, depending on your perspective). Below this simple, yet apparently inflammatory question, Simmons shared two images of bowls of cereal with large rectangular ice cubes in with the milk.

People went crazy. In less than a week, the post has been “liked” more than 32,100 times and retweeted more than 6,100 more.

Comments range from the understanding (“I’ve been putting ice in my cereal for years … anything beats cereal with lukewarm milk …”) to the clearly unimpressed (“no one does that”).

The 70-year-old rocker’s 30-year-old son, Nick T. Simmons, also offered his perspective: “30 years. 30 years watching him do this. This is my life,” he tweeted in response to his father’s post.

Later, in response to a suggestion that Simmons might simply “just freeze milk in an ice tray and use that so the milk won’t get watered down,” Nick elaborated: “look, the man is eccentric. he doesn't plan for this, he just sits down and then goes ‘y'know i want this milk to be colder’ and acts on the moment's impulse,” the younger Simmons wrote. “He does similar things with coffee- warms it up, too hot, puts an ice cube in, too cold, warms it up again. it's madness.”

The KISS star, for his part, was unrepentant when grilled by TMZ about his ice-cubes-in-cereal-bowl habit. “Who wants lukewarm milk with your cereal?” he asked.

Who indeed?

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