This Bike Doubles as a Wine Bar and Charcuterie Board

At $8.99, these limited-edition, tricked-out wheels are a serious steal.

July 24, 2020
Group Of Friends Relaxing On Sunlit Sandy Beach And Smiling

Group Of Friends Relaxing On Sunlit Sandy Beach And Smiling

Photo by: ADDICTIVE CREATIVES/Photo courtesy of MOVO Wine Spritzers

ADDICTIVE CREATIVES/Photo courtesy of MOVO Wine Spritzers

More people are riding — and buying — bicycles this summer. (The Chicago Tribune recently called 2020 “the best bike year in history.”) We’re also drinking more wine. (But we probably didn’t have to tell you that.) And then there’s always cheese. (Thank goodness for cheese.) Now the people at MOVO Wine Spritzers have bundled all three of those things — bikes, wine, cheese — into one spectacular thing: The MOVO Wine Cruiser.

The beverage brand has created a super cool, super limited-edition custom bike that doubles as a wine bar and charcuterie board — and is set to release it in tandem with National Wine and Cheese Day, tomorrow, July 25.

The fetching fixed-gear, tricked-out bicycle boasts a charcuterie board and utensil holder built right in, a cooler for four cans and a second cooler for snacks at the back — so you can wheel around town knowing your wine and cheese won’t wilt in the sun while you travel to the perfect picnic spot.

The bikes will go on sale — to legal-aged drinkers nationwide except for those in Alabama, California, Texas, Virginia and West Virginia — at 12 pm EST, July 25, at However, you might want to pedal back your expectations just a bit: There are only four bikes available.

Yeah, that’s the bad news. But here’s the good news: The bikes cost only $8.99.

“Why 4? That’s how many beautiful MOVO cans come in a pack,” the brand explains. “Why $8.99? Roughly the cost of a pack of MOVO.”

Cute. But not quite as cute as that little fold-out charcuterie board.

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