KIND Releases a Summer Treat No One Was Expecting

We tried the new KIND Frozen bars and... we’re in love.

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July 21, 2020

Most of us probably think of KIND Bars and ice cream as two completely different foods: One is a snack on the healthier side, the other an indulgence. One is a toss-it-in-your-bag staple, the other a special, ephemeral treat.

Now KIND is combining few-ingredient snack bar healthfulness and cool ice cream deliciousness into one, rolling out KIND Frozen, the brand’s first-ever frozen treat. Of course, the new KIND Frozen bars — while creamy and layered with dark chocolate — are made with healthy eating in mind: They are plant-based and feature almond milk, chopped nuts and nut butter.

And while most ice cream treats are all about the cream and sugar, KIND boasts that its frozen bars list nutrient-dense whole nuts as their first ingredient and, according to a spokesperson, include “half the sugar of similar items on the market.”

The bars are currently available in two flavors. Dark Chocolate Almond Sea Salt bars are layered with dark chocolate, almonds and nut butter. Dark Chocolate Peanut Butter bars are chockablock with peanuts. Both flavors clock in at 180 calories apiece.

“Brain freeze? More like mind blown,” KIND Frozen’s new product page promises.

So, do the new bars live up to the hype? We got our hands on the frozen treats, and we can confirm that they are: amazing. As soon as we finished one, we immediately had to grab another. While the bars are plant-based and are made with relatively less sugar, it’s hard to even tell the difference compared to their more indulgent counterparts. The treats absolutely deliver on decadence, and it’s just the cherry on top that the bars are made with the same simplicity and mindfulness as the originals.

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