KIND Is Serious About Swarming into the Frozen Aisle with New Ice Cream Pints

The snack brand’s already dropped frozen bars and smoothie bowls. Now? They’re giving us ice cream.

May 18, 2021

Photo by: Photo courtesy of KIND Snacks

Photo courtesy of KIND Snacks

Summer is all about sunny afternoons and frozen treats, but as many try to eat healthier, classics like ice cream become a rarer pleasure.

But recent years have been something of a boon for plant-based ice creams, as many try to find a balance between the sweet goodness they crave and avoiding too much dairy. Now KIND Healthy Snacks, known for their healthy snack bars, have joined the ice cream game with their new FROZEN Pints.

These plant-based ice creams promise to have less added sugar and less saturated fat than some of the other options out there and are vegan with four to six grams of protein per serving and blended with delicious ingredients like nuts, fruits and dark chocolate. They’re made with a base of almond milk and nut butter and range between 240 and 290 calories a serving.

The KIND FROZEN Pints are available nationally in major at $5.99 a pint and have a ranch of flavors that include Dark Chocolate Almond Sea Salt, Dark Chocolate Peanut Butter, Dark Chocolate Cherry Cashew, Coffee Hazelnut, Caramel Almond Sea Salt, Strawberry and Pistachio.

Photo by: Photo courtesy of KIND Snacks

Photo courtesy of KIND Snacks

“At KIND, we’re always striving to challenge conventional wisdom and eliminate false compromises,” said Daniel Lubetzky, KIND Founder, in a statement to media. “We tried to think differently about what we would want in a frozen treat. We discovered what was missing was an offering that tasted delicious, and delivered premium, plant-based ingredients that we can feel good about putting in our body.”

Lubetzky added, “While we’re best-known for nutrition bars most often consumed on-the go, we’re continuing to prioritize innovation that cuts across categories and day-parts. As we look to close the taste gap in health-focused aisles and the health gap in taste-focused aisles, we will stay true to how we’ve always created new products – with an eye to elevate people’s overall experience, while adhering to our KIND Promise.”

This isn’t the first time that KIND has branched into the frozen food aisle. These new Frozen pints are an extension of a line that began with KIND FROZEN Treat Bars and KIND FROZEN Smoothie Bowls last year. And if the pints are as good as their frozen predecessors, we can’t wait to dig our spoons into all of them.

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