People Keep Ordering This Starbucks Secret Menu Item Because of TikTok

The pink and green drink is “life-changing.”

August 21, 2020

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Ready to drink in the latest culinary trend to take over TikTok? A multi-pastel-hued beverage you can order from Starbucks, even though it’s not officially on the menu. (For the unaware, that’s what’s known as a Starbucks Secret Menu item and, yeah, it’s totally a thing.)

The green and pink drink is a Strawberry Matcha mashup that users of the platform are calling the “Cosmo and Wanda” because of its resemblance to the characters of an animated series.

Back in May, a TikTok user @gerrigerrigerri (“YourFriendlyBarista”), posted a video, viewed more than 1.5 million times, showing the (frankly, mesmerizing) creation of something he said was the “perfect duo:” a Starbucks Strawberry Matcha.

“Welcome to Starbucks, what can I get for you today?” @gerrigerrigerri said in a video voiceover, in which he roleplays both the barista fulfilling and the customer placing an order for the super pretty drink.

“Hi, can I please get a Grande Pink Drink with vanilla cold foam and can you add one scoop of matcha please?” @gerrigerrigerri said, as customer.

“All right, you got it!” @gerrigerrigerri replies.

According to the barista, the Strawberry Matcha (not to be confused with a Matcha Strawberry, a mysteriously less-popular reverse version) was not only an attractive drink, but also one that is “very quick, very easy and very tasty.”


Let me know if u try it bc it’s LIFE CHANGING

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That appraisal was seconded in June by fellow TikToker @amandadiaz (Amanda Diaz), who posted a video that has racked up 2.9 million views showing a hand holding a Strawberry Matcha made following basically the same formula that @gerrigerrigerri advises — except she specified that the matcha be added directly to the cold foam. Diaz, whose nails have been polished to match the drink in her video, called it “the best drink you will ever get at Starbucks.”

“Thank me later. It will change your life,” she gushes.

Among the more than 2,000 comments generated by Diaz’s post were some from shy customers noting that ordering Secret Menu options made them anxious. But barista commenters urged people to order them without fear and bold customers recounted their experiences doing so.

“I just asked for this at Starbucks and the worker said, ‘Is this from TikTok?’” one person shared.

TikTok, Starbucks is onto you. (Or is it the other way around?)

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