Apparently, McDonald’s Sells Secret Menu Birthday Cakes

A TikTok user made a groundbreaking discovery.

June 17, 2021

Sure, McDonald’s is known for its Big Macs, chicken McNuggets and delectable French fries, but as it turns out the popular fast-food chain also sells a popular sweet treat that resides on a special “secret menu:” birthday cake.

This momentous discovery was made back in January by a TikTok user named Kayleigh Weeks, who goes by the handle @kayrock93. Earlier this year, Weeks posted a video of herself slicing into a tasty looking sheet cake. “Did you know McDonald’s sells $9 cakes?” text in the TikTok reads.

The confection is covered in vanilla icing with a chocolate cake interior, and boasts a picture of Ronald McDonald (who else?) celebrating on the front. There’s even a sweet and simple floral design along the border of the dessert.

To date, Weeks’s TikTok has been viewed more than 4.8 million times. And while a fair number of TikTok users were a bit wary of the inexpensive price of the cake, most were just shocked to learn that McDonald’s sells cakes in the first place, since they aren’t advertised and don’t appear on the menu.

In an effort to put people’s doubts to rest, Weeks shared another video a few days later in which she actually drove to a local McDonald’s and purchased another cake. She included a look at the register as she’s paying for the treat, as well as a peek at the receipt, which very clearly has “one choc birthday cake” written on it.


Here ya go guys! Bought another one 🎂#cake #mcdonalds #fyp #foryourpage #viral

♬ Yummy - Justin Bieber

After heading back outside to her car, Weeks removed the cake from its box and revealed a dessert identical to the one she showed off days earlier. “There ya go guys!” she declared.

According to a McDonald’s spokesperson, the Golden Arches does in fact sell cakes, but they aren’t available at every location, hence why most people were so surprised to learn they exist.

Apparently, every McDonald’s owner across the country has the option to order cakes for their specific outpost, though not all of them choose to. While the cakes (which come in chocolate and vanilla flavors) were intended for employee or customer celebrations, restaurants can also sell them directly to customers who might want to enjoy them at home. However, since the cakes don’t appear on any McDonald’s menus, you need to ask your local restaurant if they have any for sale.

Birthday party at McDonald’s, anyone?!

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