A McNugget From a BTS Meal Sold for Almost $100,000 Because It Looks Like a Video Game Character

When worlds collide...

June 04, 2021

Photo by: eBay/@polizna


America’s fascination around selling virtually useless goods for astronomical prices may have finally hit its peak. In a world that’s becoming increasingly dominated by pricey non-fungible token (NFTs) and Dogecoin, (and let’s not forget the resurgence of coveted Pokémon cards) it’s hard to imagine that things could get any more bizarre, but they apparently have.

How, you ask? As it turns out, one of the latest expensive items to emerge on eBay involves not one, but two trends that people can’t get enough of — the South Korean boy band BTS, and a popular video game called Among Us.

If you’re confused as to how these two things could be related, which is totally understandable, let’s pause and delve into some of the backstory first. Last month, McDonald’s joined forces with BTS — arguably the hottest musical act on the planet — and created a signature meal with the beloved singing group. That sought-after meal includes a 10-piece Chicken McNuggets and a medium order of fries, served alongside new Sweet Chili and Cajun dipping sauces.

While McNuggets are never exactly uniform, they generally come in a few similar-looking shapes. However, when an eBay user who goes by the name polizna noticed that one of their McNuggets was especially misshapen, they decided to see if they could (literally) cash in on the fast-food oddity. As polizna noticed, this particular McNugget wasn’t just different from the other McNuggets, but it strongly resembled a crewmate from Among Us.

The listing went live on May 28 with a starting price of just $0.99. Now, several days later, the auction has ended with 184 bids for the unique McNugget and sold for a whopping $99,997.00.

Not surprisingly, this expensive McNugget has caught many people’s attention. The official Among Us Twitter account brought more eyes to the auction on Tuesday by tweeting about it, which helped drive the price up even further.

The official Xbox Twitter account also chimed in and threw another popular food item into the mix. “For that price it must come with Szechuan Sauce,” the account shared. As some eBay watchers may know, McDonald’s Szechuan Sauce packets have been retailing on the platform for around $15 a piece.

Polizna responded to that tweet by tweaking the item’s description on eBay. “Jokes on them,” polizna wrote. “I have Szechuan and at buyers request will ship some with the nugget.”

While it’s not yet clear who will be purchasing the McNugget (and whatever bragging rights may or may not come with it) it’s likely the most expensive McNugget in history!

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