This Crystal Looks Like a Chicken Tender and We Can’t Get Over It

Just whatever you do, don’t bite into it.

July 02, 2020

Someone recently posted on Twitter a photo of a hand holding what looks like a large, half-bitten breaded chicken tender, except according to the caption, the hand is holding something altogether different: “CRYSTAL THAT LOOKS LIKE CHICKEN TENDER ALERT,” the user informs us.

Consider us alerted! And transfixed. Also alerted: the woman who originally posted the photo of the stone-cold chicken-lookalike on Reddit a few days ago, where it has been upvoted nearly 50,000 times.

“That is, in fact, my hand & chicken crystal lmao,” wrote gemstone collector Amelia Rule, responding to the repost of her photo. She later clarified that the KFC-worthy crystal pictured is “a red calcite cluster!” The photo has received nearly 285,000 likes on Twitter, along with more than 2,700 comments, and Rule has been right there for them.

“Can I eat it,” one peckish, question-mark-eschewing person inquired.

“I’m not responsible for any tooth damage,” Rule responded.

For the skeptics, she also posted a video, in response to a request, that proved the crystal looked chicken-tenderish from every angle.

Truly, the crystal is a revelation. But it turns out it isn’t a unique phenomenon. The comment thread on Twitter is chock full of rocks that look like food. It’s a thing!

One person posted a photo of a crystal that “looks like raw meat.” Another shared one that looks like halved grapefruit. Someone else offered up an image of one that looks exactly like a split-open potato. And then there’s the one that looks like an elaborate, multilayered cheesecake.

But what really blew our minds was a post showing a food-rock feast, complete with doughnuts, eggs and bacon that are, we presume, actually rocks. “So there is a local mineral show that comes through town every year, and they always set up a ‘food’ table,” the user wrote.

Yep. We’re just as spellbound as you are.

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