The Best Chili Sauce Is on Amazon — and I Buy It by the Case

Once you try it, you'll understand my obsession.

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May 09, 2019
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Two words: Tomato. Achaar.

Let me explain my level of obsession with this sauce: I once tracked down the woman who makes it and went to her house to buy a case of the stuff. A case. Sixteen little jars of achaar, and they were gone in less than three months. How? I put tomato achaar on everything. Not kidding.

It’s good swirled into lentil soup, in quesadillas, on eggs, avocado toast, grain bowls, roasted potatoes, pizza, rice, sandwiches — basically, anything you’d put Sriracha on, swap in achaar for something a million times more delicious. It’s the absolute best on macaroni and cheese; the tangy sauce cuts the richness of the cheese in a way that makes it borderline addictive.

Achaar is an Indian pickle, but don’t think of gherkins here; this pickle has deep, complex flavor and is made from vegetables cooked with chilis, garlic and spices like mustard seeds, tumeric and ginger. Chitra Agrawal of Brooklyn Delhi makes tomato, garlic and rhubarb flavors of achaar — the tomato is my favorite — and has expanded her line of small-batch condiments to include curry ketchup and curry mustard. But the good news is that you don’t have to track down the makers of this award-winning condiment to get some yourself. It’s available on Amazon. Order yourself a jar (or 16!); you’ll thank me, I promise.

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