This Gadget Can Chill a Whole Bottle of Wine in Just 15 Minutes

Because is there anything worse than warm white wine?

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August 06, 2019

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As far as I’m concerned, very few things can compare to splitting a bottle of Sauvignon Blanc with some friends after a long, grueling week. But for the longest time, enjoying a perfectly chilled glass of white felt like Mission: Impossible.

For one thing, my apartment boasts a mini fridge, so I don’t have enough refrigerator real estate to store a bottle or two just in case a celebration strikes. Ice buckets take up a lot of tablespace and, though they may get the job done, half-melted ice cubes doesn’t scream, “hostess with the mostess.” And, of course, room-temperature white wine is just out of the question.

But my wine-lover luck changed for the better when a friend surprised me with Newward’s wine chiller for Christmas a few years ago. As a slim steel rod and acrylic spout, I have to admit this wine chiller looks quite peculiar. After all, how can this teeny, tiny stick chill an entire bottle of wine?

Well, it can. A mix of steel and acrylic, this stick has the power to keep your wine chilled — all without leaving your blend diluted. Simply keep your stick in your freezer until wine o'clock rolls around, place it in your bottle, and watch your blend of Chardonnay or Pinot Grigio slowly but surely chill.

While the size and current temperature will impact your chilling time, I’ve usually had to wait only 15 to 20 minutes for a cold bottle of white. Sure, this gadget won’t instantly chill your wine, but it’s more efficient than breaking out an ice bucket. Plus, Newward’s accessory will keep your wine chilled for up to an hour — long after the ice from your bucket melts away.

But chilling your vino is just one piece of the puzzle. The spout of Newward’s wine is designed to aerate and pour your blend, too. Aeration (oxidizing your wine) takes your blend to the next level by fortifying all its flavors and aromas, leaving you with a dreamy, delicious glass.

Not only does this gadget let you chill and aerate your wine in one fell swoop, but it’s also extremely affordable. Available on Amazon for $11, Newward’s three-in-one gadget with a 4-star rating is cheaper than most bottles of wine. Whether you want to bring out all the nuances of your favorite varietal or are tired of having room temperature white, sipping on a perfect glass of wine has never been so easy (or affordable). We’ll cheers to that!

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