7 Food-Flavored Lip Balms ‘90s Kids Will Totally Remember

If only they were edible...

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January 20, 2020
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When you think about the ’90s, it’s impossible to forget the iconic beauty trends that dominated the decade: body glitter, “The Rachel” haircut and blue eyeshadow galore. Of course, nothing screamed the ’90s quite like its quintessential beauty product: lip balm.

We had lip balms (and glosses!) in all shapes and sizes stuffed in our Caboodle Cases, but our favorites tended to be the ones with yummy food flavors. Here are eight food-flavored lip balms that’ll throw you waaaaay back.


It’s safe to say you had at least 10 of these roll-on lip glosses in EVERY flavor. Was there anything better than swiping a cotton candy or watermelon gloss across your lips and licking off that sweet yet sticky goo? We didn’t think so.

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We’ll never forget the days when the Dr. Pepper-flavored Lip Smacker reigned supreme. It-girl Brittany Murphy dubbed it as her beauty staple, and we can totally see why. Not only did it smell and taste exactly like a can of sweet soda, but this lip balm also boasted enough pigmentation to slightly tint your lips cherry red.

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Although these lip balms couldn’t give you an actual sugar rush, this 5-piece set offered the best candy varieties: Laffy Taffy, Pixy Stix, PEZ, Fluffy Stuff and Blow Pop. Obviously, you’d stash away your fave flavor (*cough* Pixy Stix *cough*), but you were kind enough to share the rest with friends.

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If you couldn’t chow down on Hubba Bubba during class, this bubblegum-scented balm was the next best thing. It gave you all the sugary goodness of a stick of gum — without the distracting bubble blowing and lip smacking.

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Another soda-inspired must-have: Cherry Coca-Cola lip balm. Similar to the Dr. Pepper Lip Smacker, this beauty product smelled like heaven, and the container was as cute as can be. Lift up on the red and white fountain soda straw to reveal that beautiful burgundy balm!

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This one was truly mind-blowing. Is it a candy or a lip balm? Although the tube resembled the lollipop-like candy you know and love, underneath the cap was a fruity balm rather than a sugar snack. Neat!

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Pokémon cards? Never heard of her. Instead, we collected as many outrageous flavors of these lip balms as we could find. Sure, hunting down red apple was impressive, but strutting into school and showing off your limited-edition *NSYNC Lip Rageous balms was the best way to kiss the haters Bye, Bye, Bye.

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