11 Beautiful Water Bottles That Make Staying Hydrated Easy

Drink up in style.

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January 10, 2020

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Look, we have to stay hydrated, so we might as well be stylish while doing it. Luckily, there are so many cute water bottles out there that you might have a hard time choosing just one. We’ve rounded up some of our favorites — from good-vibe-promoting crystal bottles to sleek bottles that you’d never know are made of stainless steel. And while some of these price tags might look hefty now, think of all the money you’ll ultimately be saving by not buying a plastic water bottle every time you hit the gym. Shop some of our picks.


This adorable Monstera- and bamboo-adorned water bottle will keep you hydrated (and remind you to water your plants). The Traveler also comes with a removable infuser for those days when you need a touch of fruit flavor or tea.

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How beautiful is this pressed flower water bottle? This glass bottle has a twist-on lid as well as a convenient little strap, which lets you hook it to the inside of your bag. Also, did we mention that it’s absolutely gorgeous?

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Good vibes are basically guaranteed with this glass water bottle. The bottom of the bottle features a crystal — and you can choose between amethyst as well as clear, rose or smoky-colored quartz. Each stone is intended to promote varying positive qualities, but you can mostly count on this bottle to look stunning.

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This gorgeous copper water bottle is inspired by the Ayurvedic practice of tamra jal, which is the act of storing water in copper vessels. It’s made from natural copper, which, according to Anthropologie’s website, is believed to neutralize toxins in water. It’s recommended that you only use this bottle for room temperature water; other liquids like coffee, tea or smoothies are a no-go.

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Fashion, meet function. Not only does this Contigo water bottle come in a mesmerizing sandstone print, but it also has a vacuum-sealed, twist-off top. It’s made from stainless steel and will keep all of your drinks super cold.

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Each VitaJuwel water bottle contains hand-picked gemstones enclosed in a glass vial. But why in a glass vial, separate from your drinking water? The brand’s founder wanted to maintain the positive energy that gemstones are believed to provide, without risking exposure to any toxins used to treat the gemstones that are beyond his control. We’re into it.

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S’well water bottles have been a staple for a while now, and that’s mostly because they’re amazing. This geode rose print looks like the inside of a rose quartz geode, which are stones said to bring about unconditional love. This little wonder bottle can also keep your drinks cold for up to 24 hours and hot for up to 12 hours.

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Hydro Flask water bottles come in the most-rich solid colors. They’re also made of stainless steel and vacuum insulated — so they will keep your drinks cold for up to 24 hours and hot for up to 12 hours. We’re loving the watermelon, forest and jade green colors the most!

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Yeti ramblers are just darn near indestructible and are officially my favorite water bottles to use during a day at the beach or any outdoor activity. They’re double-walled and vacuum-sealed. Also, they come in the most fun, bright colors — check out the coral and seafoam options.

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With this water bottle, you’re essentially carrying around a piece of modern art. Not only is it stunning (and available in three different color options!), it’s functional. It’s made of stainless steel and vacuum sealed.

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This Corkcicle collection includes some of the most unique designs, including one inspired by the northern lights. Whether you’re a fan of shiny metallics, bright colors or modern patterns, Corkcicle will have an option that will leave you swooning. They’re also made of triple-insulated stainless steel — so your drink will stay drinkable until the last drop.

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