My Most-Used Kitchen Gadget Probably Isn't What You'd Expect

I use it to make my favorite snack every night!

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April 03, 2020

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Glass bowl with tasty popcorn on table in kitchen


Glass bowl with tasty popcorn on table in kitchen

Photo by: belchonock/Getty Images

belchonock/Getty Images

If I had to pick one appliance in my kitchen that, above all else, gets the most consistent and frequent use, it wouldn’t be my nonstick skillet or Instant Pot. Rather, it would be my somewhat random, albeit beloved, countertop popcorn machine. And — in a kitchen occupied by three roommates who cook nearly every night — that’s saying something!

No matter what each of my roommates and I conjure up for ourselves for dinner, we always end the night one way — with a large bowl of air-popped popcorn. I’m not sure when this ritual started, but I do know that once we added a countertop popper to our kitchen, it became part of our routine. We each have our favorite toppings — one is a butter purist, while another loves the added kick of truffle seasoning. But, when we are sharing a huge batch for the group, we usually opt for a drizzle of olive oil and sea salt. It sounds simple, but we swear by it!

When our first air popper from WestBend lost steam (in all fairness, we did run it at least once a night for more than a year), I decided to test out multiple popcorn machines on the market to find the best one out there. And, while I’ll always be partial to the kernel storage and functionality of my original popper, I found a few other machines that also held up, including one from Dash that we are currently using.

If you find yourself craving a salty, crunchy snack each night after dinner or are just looking for a fun way to spruce up your at-home movie nights, I highly recommend making the switch from bagged popcorn to your own air popped machine. You can dress the popcorn up any way you like (I also like adding a combination of cinnamon and sugar for a sweet treat!), plus, it makes your nights in way more fun.

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