Everything You Need to Make the Best Homemade Pizzas

We've rounded up all the essentials for restaurant-worthy pizza at home.

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February 03, 2021

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Man preparing meal.


Man preparing meal.

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Making a pizza at home that tastes and looks restaurant-worthy might seem too good to be true, but these days, it’s way simpler than you think. All you need are some essential tools to prep your dough and toppings, bake the pizza and serve it with ease. We’ve rounded up some products that will make homemade pizza night a regular thing in your weekly cooking repertoire, whether you’re having a night inside or want to cook on the back patio.

Prep Essentials:


If you’ve decided to make your own dough, this scraper is going to come in handy for getting all the last bits off the counter and dividing the dough into properly sized pieces (which is essential if you’re making individual pies). Plus, this tool doubles as a quick and effective way to slice your pizza once baked.

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We all want our at-home pizza night to yield restaurant-worthy results, and having the proper technique when preparing your pizza is a great first step. To achieve a perfect swirl of sauce, a ladle is going to be your best friend. Whether you go heavy on the sauce or keep it light is entirely up to you.

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Cheese is an essential ingredient in most pizza recipes, so make sure you’re equipped with a good box grater to give your pizza the freshest topping possible. We like this version from OXO because it has an attached storage container, great for keeping all your shredded cheese in one place for easy sprinkling onto your crust.

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Cooking Essentials:


To achieve a strong crust on your whole pizza, make sure to bake it on a pizza stone — they’re essential for ensuring that same crunchy base to your homemade pizza that you would find at a restaurant. Pro tip: Make sure you’re placing your pizza stone in the oven while it preheats and give it some time to sit in a fully heated oven before baking, this will get the dough baking right away to avoid a soggy, under-baked crust.

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Rather than turning your oven on early and potentially heating up your kitchen in the meantime, you can also use a pizza pan to bake your pie on.

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If you’re baking your pizza on a stone or directly on the grates of the oven, you’re going to want an easy way to slide your pie in and out of the oven. This is where a pizza peel comes in handy. Make sure you have this tool with you or risk making a huge mess during transportation — and no one wants that on homemade pizza night.

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There are all types of pizzas out there, and if you’re making Detroit-style pizza you’re going to want the right pan. Pile your sauce, cheese and other toppings on thick crust in this rectangular-shaped pan to ensure a true Detroit-style pizza.

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Pizza Ovens:

Take pizza nights outside with this portable pizza oven. This was one of the hottest pieces of cookware last summer, and we can see why. The company claims this oven will get up to 900 degrees F, so you can cook perfect pizzas in just 60 seconds.

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To put this Breville pizza oven in perspective, people are rarely baking in their ovens at temperatures greater than 400 or 500 degrees F, so baking a pizza at 750 degrees F is intense, to put it lightly. Make the process of baking pizza at professional-pizza-oven-level of heat easier with this Breville oven.

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Pizza ovens can be a pretty big investment. If you’re not ready for that commitment yet and are looking for a more budget-friendly pizza cooker, reviewers love the Presto Pizza Pizzazz Plus, which claims to cook homemade and frozen pizzas quickly and evenly. Just make sure to skip any raw fish, poultry or meat toppings when using this cooker.

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Serving Essentials:


Cutting through pizza with scissors will feel so easy, you’ll wonder how you made it this long without them. But don’t think you can use just any kitchen shears, these are designed specifically to prevent damage to your cutting board or pan and to keep your toppings in place.

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If you’re a pizza cutter purist, there is nothing wrong with sticking to a classic pizza cutter. This one from OXO has a comfortable handle for gripping and a blade sharp enough to cut through even the crispiest crust.

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