10 Lids That Prove Mason Jars Are Made for More Than Canning

From coffee to cleaning supplies, these lids will make your Mason jar a do-it-all product.

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August 10, 2021

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If you've ever spent some time on Pinterest, it seems like everyone is drinking and serving everything in Mason jars. Coffee, cocktails, crudite in hummus. There are really very few food and beverage items that can't be made cute when served in these vintage-y looking vessels.

And, sure, a Mason jar cocktail in your backyard can be enjoyed with or without a lid, but taking a coffee on the go in a Mason jar is a little trickier without the right accessories. Companies have caught on and now make lids in a variety of styles, colors and materials for all kinds of Mason jar uses from overnight oats to brewing loose leaf tea. Here are 10 lids that will help you get the most out of your Mason jars.


This travel drink lid is perfect for coffee, tea and even flavored water when you need to get out the door, fast. The plastic lid can fit on any standard wide-mouth Mason jar you own with the use of a metal sealing ring that should have come with the jar when you purchased it. The plastic lid is dishwasher-safe.

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If you're a tea drinker or love infused water, this infuser lid is a must-have. Brew loose leaf tea while you're getting ready for work, then swap the infuser for the travel lid above and you're ready to go.

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We love these natural bamboo lids. They fit easily onto standard Mason jars and come with metal straws for easy sipping. Choose from a skinny or wide straw depending on your beverage. Just be careful placing the lid on the jar, as the suction can cause some spillage.

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Have a bunch of rusted out sealing rings? This all-plastic drink lid takes care of that problem. The plastic lid screws onto most standard wide-mouth Mason jars without the use of a sealing ring.

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This ultra-unique salt and pepper lid is perfect for your next outdoor gathering. It's a fun conversation piece that guests will love using. Plus, the inside of a Mason jar is a lot easier to clean than a tiny salt shaker.

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Flip-tops can come in handy for on-the-go drinks, water bottles and even storage containers. These will make the most of your Mason jars whether you're toting milk for your coffee or storing coffee beans.

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If you make overnight oats or Mason jar salads regularly, you know how hard it can be when the metal top and sealing ring begin to rust. Gross. These plastic Mason jar lid set comes with both wide-mouth and standard size lids that are dishwasher-safe and rust-free.

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For just $3 how can you not want to use your Mason jar as an oil dispenser? Again, cleaning out an oily Mason jar is a lot simpler than digging into a standard olive oil dispenser.

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This cold brew maker comes with a double Mason jar already, but the lid can fit any standard double jar you have at home to make batches of cold brew regularly. Simply brew your grounds for 12-24 hours and then reattach the dispenser lid and you have cold brew ready to go when you are.

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This might be the ultimate Pinterest home hack. Buy yourself a large jug of your favorite soap and attach this dispenser to a standard Mason jar for an adorable dispenser for your kitchen sink.

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