6 Products That Help Keep Your Hands Clean in the Kitchen

We even found solutions for handling raw chicken.

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June 17, 2021

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Many chefs will say the best tools you have in the kitchen are your hands. And while many of us spent the last year getting really good at hand-kneading bread, we'll admit, handling raw chicken can still make anyone a little squeamish. (To that end, if you're still rinsing your chicken, please stop.)

Keeping your hands clean during cooking isn't always an easy or practical task, but for those times when you just can't handle the ick factor, the right kitchen tool can make all the difference. From touch-free soap dispensers to super-cheap finger tongs, these products can help keep your hands grime-free in the kitchen.

Note: Keep in mind these products are no substitute for proper, frequent hand-washing, especially when handling food.

Bed, Bath & Beyond

When it's just not in the cards to use your hands to maneuver ingredients around, a set of metal mini tongs can come in handy. One Food Network food stylist says mini tongs are easier to handle than the larger size giving you more control over the task at hand.

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We love these finger tongs for breading chicken. The pointed tips making picking up pieces of chicken breast easy and their affordability makes them an ideal gadget to add to your stash — even if you don't pull them out super often.


You'll find these sponge gloves come in handy in more places than the kitchen. While they're great for cleaning the sink or a glass stovetop, many people use them to wash their pets or cars without the mess.


Your soap dispenser is one of the most-touched spots in your kitchen, so it's no surprise you'll find frequent buildup on the pump of manual dispensers. A motion-sensor pump like this one from Simplehuman is ideal for washing your hands after handling raw meat or taking out the trash.


Step trash cans usually work well for adults but can be tough on kids with small feet. This motion sensor can is ideal for the whole family and is perfect for those times when your hands are so full that operating a foot pedal just feels like a step too far.


You don't need a smart kitchen to install a hands-free faucet. Hands-free and voice activated faucets are becoming much more common these days and come in a variety of price points and styles. We like this one from American Standard for it's manual option that can be especially helpful when the power goes out.

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