You Bought a Grill, Now Here's What Else You Need for It

From grill covers to fuel, this is your guide to getting grilling right now.

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June 03, 2021

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If you clicked on this story, there’s a good chance you finally jumped on the barbecue bandwagon and invested in a new grill. (Congratulations!) And, since summer is so close that you can particularly taste the burgers and coleslaw, now’s a better time than any to do so. But, while a grill is the ultimate cooking appliance of the summer, you’ll need to pick a few accessories to maximize its full cooking potential.

Even though there are tons of grilling accessories out there, you really need a few basics. To help, we’re sharing the best grilling essentials for your setup. That way, you can get your summer off to a sizzling start. (Psst...if you want to expand your stash even further, be sure to check out our comprehensive grilling guide.)

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If your grill didn’t come with a complimentary cover, it’s important to buy one, stat. Available in a handful of sizes, this option from Amazon Basics can fit a vast array of grills. Plus, it’s designed to protect your grill from whatever Mother Nature throws its way. The elastic bungee cable will allow your cover to stay put, while the water-resistant material will deflect pesky rain drops.

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Want to start grilling ASAP? Well, you’ll need to have some tools to get the job done. Comprised of tongs and a spatula, this two-piece set is made with a tough stainless steel material that can hold its own against your hot grill. (Don’t worry, each tool has a non-slip handle so you won’t have to worry about losing your grip mid-grilling.) Whether you want to flip burgers or turn a thick, juicy bratwurst, this affordable, low-maintenance set will have you covered.

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Anyone who bought a gas grill will need to pick up a few tanks of propane. Coleman has been making awesome outdoor essentials since 1900, including propane. Available in a pack of two, this option has a sturdy, stainless steel container and reliable valves so you won’t have to worry about a leak. (Let’s be honest, it’d be a major disappointment if your propane tank leaked before you even got to use it!)

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With over 3,000 positive reviews on Amazon, a 4.6/5 rating on the site, and a "#1 Best Seller" badge, it’s safe to say this pick from Jealous Devil is the best option for charcoal grills. According to the brand, this special blend has twice the cook power, can reach hotter temperatures, and has longer burn time. Oh, and did we mention its South American hardwood material has no harsh chemicals or fillers? That way, you can rest assured that you’re not adding any unnatural elements to your meal.

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As the saying goes, safety first. Grilling might be all fun and games, but let’s not forget that you’re literally playing with fire. So, if you want to protect your hands from accidental burns, add RAPICCA’s gloves to your cart. Made with a food-safe, neoprene rubber that’s resistant to fire, rain, and stains, this option can withstand up to 932 degrees F. (No wonder why this pair has over 7,300 rave reviews and an "Amazon’s Choice" badge.)

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How will you know if your meats are cooked to your liking? By picking up a meat thermometer, like this digital one from ThermoPro. Decked out with a food-grade, stainless steel probe, this option can offer an accurate temperature read within seconds. (We know, wow!) And, thanks to the large LCD display, you won’t have to squint to read the temperature. Best of all? This option has a magnetic back, so you can stick your thermometer onto your refrigerator and never spend 30 minutes searching for it in your junk drawer.

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At first thought, grilling is pretty simple. All you need to do is stick your food onto your grates and flip whenever your recipe is charred to perfection. But if you’re grilling smaller ingredients like shrimp and veggies slices, you might be worried itty, bitty pieces will slip between your grates. That’s what’s so great about Yukon Glory’s barbecue baskets. This three-piece set has the perfect basket for your recipe. The stainless steel construction is grill-friendly, while the small perforations will let smoke and juice seep through without sacrificing any of that yummy goodness.

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We hate to be the bearer of bad news, but you will have to clean your grill grate at some point. Sprucing up your grill setup might require some elbow grease, but Alpha Grillers’ brush and scraper will make the entire process a lot easier. The steel wire bristles will be tough on stubborn food particles, but won’t scuff up your fancy grates. But, if you need to call in some reinforcements, the scraper will deliver.

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