16 Vegetarian Fourth of July Recipes for Your Cookout

Because why should meat eaters have all the fun?

June 13, 2023

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Vegetarian Ideas for the Fourth of July

Even if you're a fan of meaty burgers and dogs, don't forget about the vegetarians when you’re working on your Fourth of July menu this year. You can grill up a variety of meat-free dishes, including vegetable sides and homemade veggie burgers, that everyone will love. We have plenty of desserts that vegetarians and vegans can enjoy at your cookout, too, so don't worry! For a hearty main, try these tofu and vegetable kebabs, which you can have on the table in only 30 minutes. Use a variety of seasonal vegetables and a zesty herb marinade to make this colorful, crowd-pleasing dish for the Fourth of July.

Get the Recipe: Grilled Tofu and Vegetable Skewers

Morgan's Veggie Patties

Guy packs this veggie burger with a punch and lots of texture, so you won't miss the beef.

Get the Recipe: Morgan's Veggie Patties

Chocolate-Covered Frozen Bananas

Just cut peeled bananas in half, insert a lollipop stick into each and freeze until firm. Dip your frozen bananas in red, white and blue candy melts for festive sweets for all ages.

Get the Recipe: Chocolate-Covered Frozen Bananas

Grilled Vegetable Panzanella

This colorful salad is packed with charred zucchini, yellow squash and bell pepper, then finished with toasty bread and fragrant basil. You’ll get a taste of summer in every bite — and for just 25 minutes worth of prep work and cooking!

Get the Recipe: Grilled Vegetable Panzanella

Grilled Summer Vegetables with Avocado-Yogurt Dip

The great thing about this party-perfect dip is that it can be made ahead and stored in the refrigerator until you’re ready to serve it. Make it the morning of your bash ― then all you have to do when your guests arrive is grill your veggies and pita.

Get the Recipe: Grilled Summer Vegetables with Avocado-Yogurt Dip

Fourth of July Cocktail

This red and blue cocktail features a complex medley of ingredients that will take you straight to Flavor Town this Independence Day. Watermelon schnapps, cranberry juice, tequila and slice of jalapeno make for one unforgettable backyard cocktail.

Get the Recipe: Fourth of July Cocktail

Grilled Barbecued Corn Ribs

Think ribs, but make them vegetarian. Here, fresh summer corn gets the full barbecue treatment. Seasoned with a spicy-sweet dry rub and brushed with a tangy barbecue sauce, the corn develops a delicious caramelized crust as it curls into a perfectly juicy rib.

Get the Recipe: Grilled Barbecued Corn Ribs

Spicy Coleslaw

Pick up two bags of coleslaw mix and you’re only five minutes away from a crowd-pleasing side.

Get the Recipe: Spicy Coleslaw

Grilled Soy, Ginger and Lime Tofu Steaks with Charred Baby Bok Choy

Guests will be so impressed when you serve these zesty marinated tofu steaks. Starting with well-dried tofu, adding brown sugar to the marinade and cooking slowly over medium heat helps create a crisp and flavorful crust on the tofu without drying out the center.

Get the Recipe: Grilled Soy, Ginger and Lime Tofu Steaks with Charred Baby Bok Choy

Vegan Vanilla Ice Cream

This vegan ice cream is actually easier and faster to make than the cream-and-egg version: There's no extended time spent over the stove awaiting the moment the custard thickens and no reason to worry that you'll scramble the eggs!

Get the Recipe: Vegan Vanilla Ice Cream

Super Summery Corn Gnocchi

Sweet summer produce is the star of this dish, thanks to the creamy corn sauce and herby Fresno topping. Grilling the corn and chiles adds a touch of smokiness; that also tames the heat of the chiles a bit as opposed to using them raw. Serve with pan-seared store-bought gnocchi for an easy, full-flavored meal vegetarian and non-vegetarian guests will devour.

Get the Recipe: Super Summery Corn Gnocchi

Bruschetta with Strawberry And Tomato Salad

No summer party is complete without at least one type of bruschetta, and these gorgeous toasts are surprisingly simple to make (and every bit as delicious as they look).

Get the Recipe: Bruschetta With Strawberry And Tomato Salad


This cold, tomato soup would be a nice, refreshing starter at your Fourth of July cookout. Serve the gazpacho in shooters or small cups so that guests can easily sip on it while mingling.

Get the Recipe: Gazpacho

Red, White and Blue Potato Salad

Make a potato salad using a mixed bag of skinned baby red, Yukon and purple potatoes to create this colorful side.

Get the Recipe: Red, White and Blue Potato Salad

Red, White and Blue Fruit Cups

Fresh berries and whipped cream simply belong together, especially when you can turn them into a fun and festive dessert for the Fourth of July.

Get the Recipe: Red, White, and Blue Fruit Cups

Grilled Pineapple-Jicama Salsa

One scoop of this sweet-and-smoky dip and you’ll wonder why you haven’t been grilling your salsa ingredients all along!

Get the Recipe: Grilled Pineapple-Jicama Salsa

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