The Best Holiday Budget Ideas: Photos

Browse wallet-friendly holiday recipes from Food Network chefs

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Toasted Spiced Ham Drizzled in Honey

Michael Chiarello's sugar-and-spice holiday ham gets a warm winter rub with cinnamon and a classic honey glaze.

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Thyme for Yorkshire Pudding

Roast-beef pan drippings, thyme and an eggy batter combine for hot, puffed bread-basket indulgences in just five ingredients.

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Cornish Hens Au Vin

Cornish hens are celebratory but inexpensive; in Claire Robinson's quick fix, they're flavored with white wine and garlic.

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Spiced Stone Fruit Chutney

Dried cherries and apricots take an elegant turn after a soak in chai-infused pomegranate juice; toasted pecans are mixed in for crunch.

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Rice Pilaf

Alton's Rice Pilaf earns its Good Eats reputation with a hint of orange, a taste of bay leaves and stir-ins including golden raisins, peas and pistachios.

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Escarole Salad

Winter is prime time for escarole; here it's chopped and mixed with red onion, green olives and celery in a refreshing and fast starter or side salad.

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Clementine Cosmos

Combine vanilla vodka, cranberry juice and lime juice with fresh juice from tiny, sweet clementines for a citrusy twist on a popular cocktail.

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Mocha Meringue Bark

With just a few ingredients, stir up a batch of cocoa-coffee meringues for a sophisticated but simple gift for friends and family.

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