The Most Popular Food-Themed Squishmallows You Can Collect — and Where to Find Them

Plus, the brand-new Squishmallows character you need to know about.

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June 17, 2022

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To anyone who asks why I decided to buy a humongous $45 Squishmallows stuffed animal at the age of 28, I tell them – just wait until you touch one. My teal dragon, Miles, has won over my heart. He is the softest, bounciest, most comforting companion. And yes, he feels just like a marshmallow. I hang out with him every day.

Apparently, I am not alone in my profuse love for these ultra-plushy toys. Squishmallows, which have only been around since 2017, have taken TikTok by storm. Just a quick peruse of the hashtag #squishsetup (to date amassing seven million views) proves that owning several – and buying organizational shelves or the like for them – is not uncommon. Squishmallows come in a wide variety of characters largely taking after animals like the extremely popular cow, but they also come in the form of foods. Each one comes with its own name and backstory, so you can get to know your plushy friend right away.

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It’s the toys’ sprawling catalogue of must-know personalities that have helped launch them to collector’s item status, with Squishmallows now even laying out a rarity scale. People on TikTok regularly go on “Squish Hunts” at their local retailers, scouring shelves and picking up gems or whoever they can find.

To help inform your next hunt – for already indoctrinated Squishmallows fans, and ’mallow-curious readers alike – we reached out to Jazwares, the parent company of Squishmallows, to ask about the most popular food-themed plushies on the market. Here are 10 adorable friends, including a brand-new character, you’re about to fall in love with.


Savory, yes, but mostly sweet, Carl deserves to hang poolside through all your lazy summer days. According to Squishmallows, Carl “loves practical jokes and hanging out with his burger bros. When he was just a little 'Mallow patty, he dreamt of one day being the funniest cheeseburger in the pack.”

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Everyone loves fries. And Floyd is no exception. Floyd is a free spirit and has dreams of “leaving the kitchen for adventures he’s only heard about, like climbing a mountain, sailing the sea, or even visiting his family in Idaho.” We really hope Floyd makes it to Idaho!

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You don’t have to wait until the weather’s warmer to chill with Carmelita. This cool ice cream sandwich likes to “draws black and white manga about school, her life, and adventures with her best friend Cinnamon.” And don’t worry about spilling any secrets – Carmelita uses code names for “any juicy stuff.”

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The perfect sidekick for anyone who loves to spend their time on the water, Glena is up for “scuba diving, snorkeling or surfing” and you can “always find them near the beach.” This hardworking eggplant is “saving up to buy their first sailboat. Sailing lessons, here we come!”

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This little taco loves cheese, onions and “a little extra spice.” Perfect for any food enthusiast, Tex himself is a chef and “loves to use new ingredients to mix things up.” He knows how to throw a party, “especially when his favorite toppings are in town!”

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Brunch conversations just got a lot more fun. Sinclair the Avocado Toast is obsessed with outer space, and often has disagreements with his cousin Austin about “whether aliens exist.” His cousin thinks they do, but Sinclair? He “needs more proof.” This curious piece of toast is ready to go on a space adventure to find out.

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Dabria, the strawberry frosted with sprinkles donut, is “always working hard and trying her best at everything she does.” Whether it’s selling jewelry at her very own store, or supporting a friend, she always “gives 100 percent.” If you can snag her, you’ll have a trusty friend always by your side.

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Going on a wellness journey? Take Kachina the Kiwi with you! She is a “lovable and caring spirit who helps people find their healthy paths,” working as a nutritionist. Personally, she likes to follow a vegan diet, and is always game to “make some vegan cookies” together!

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Antoine isn’t easy to find, but if you do come upon him, know that he is “super smart and loves a good challenge.” He’s always working on crosswords, puzzles and solving riddles. If you’ve got something you can’t figure out, ask Antoine!

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Gideon is new to the Squishmallows squad, but already, he has proven to be the “life of the party wherever he goes.” Gideon has been all over the world, and has dozens of stories to tell. He’s “wrestled giant squid, climbed to the top of ’Mallow Mountain and eaten with kings and queens!” We can’t wait to get to know him!

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