That's Not My Name: 12 Foods That Don't Like Their Nicknames

We're guilty of using many of these abbreviations ourselves, but these foods might prefer it if we called them by their given names.

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Vegetables would prefer that you call them by their given name.


Barbecue wonders if you are just too busy for the first two syllables.


Coffee wants to know where that even came from.


Cabernet outgrew that name the summer before middle school.


Guacamole's parents say it can call itself what it wants when it starts paying rent.


There’s no M in sandwich. How did we end up there?

Mac and Cheese

Ma 'n' Che asks, "Why stop there?"


Pizza doesn't even respond to that.


One person gets to call extra virgin olive oil that, just because they're old friends. The rest of us should show some effort and use at least two real words.


Chicken would have wanted more respect.

Beanies and Weenies

Baked beans and frankfurters fail to see the humor.


BLT is actually cool with that.


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