Recipe courtesy of Rachael Ray

Antipasto with Red Pepper Tapenade

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  • Level: Easy
  • Total: 10 min
  • Prep: 10 min
  • Yield: 4 servings
In this 30 minute meal I cook out of my cupboard, my pantry, and with veggies and herbs I always have on hand. This menu is an example of what I cook up when I just can't find the energy to stop at the market on my way home. If you keep your favorite essentials on hand, dinner is never more than 30 minutes — and a little imagination — away.


Red Pepper Tapenade and Charred Bread:



  1. If your slices are wider than a few inches, cut each slice in 1/2. Char pieces of bread under hot broiler to toast and crisp. Rub with cracked garlic and drizzle bread with extra-virgin olive oil.
  2. Place roasted red peppers in a food processor with parsley. Place a few olives at a time under the flat of a knife and whack with the heal of your hand. Discard olive pits. Add olives to the food processor. Drain a few spoonfuls of capers and add to processor. Pulse the processor and grind into a paste. Transfer to a small dish.
  3. Arrange tuna, artichokes, hot peppers, meats and cheeses on a platter and serve with charred bread and red pepper spread for all-evening snacking.

Cook’s Note

* Often I will freeze 1/2 a loaf, defrost it in the morning the day I want to use it, then prepare crostini or bruschetta with it.