70 Top Delivery Pizzas from Coast to Coast

Staying in tonight? No problem: Some of these cities’ best slices come straight to you.

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San Diego: Mashed Potato Pizza from Basic

Sure, this downtown spot is known for its casual urban vibe, but sometimes there’s no hipper hangout than your very own living room. Luckily, you can still savor Basic’s thin-crust brick-oven pies via Postmates delivery. Start with one of the house classics, preferably this silky white pie covered in mozzarella, mashed potato and, blissfully, bacon.

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Oklahoma City: The Ultimate Meat from Eagle One Pizza

Eagle One Pizza has landed in Oklahoma! And residents are tucking into thin-crusted or hand-tossed pies topped with San Marzano tomatoes, fresh mozzarella and basil, and all manner of toppings ranging from wholly traditional to totally offbeat. Which is to say, you can order your dough sauced with alfredo or barbecue instead of marinara, and select Canadian bacon, gyro meat or pineapple instead of mushrooms, sausage and pepperoni. The Ultimate Meat features pepperoni, sausage, beef, Canadian bacon, Italian sausage, bacon, chicken and extra cheese.

Orlando, Florida: The Brazilian from Pizza Xtreme

After a long day jetting around Orlando’s seemingly countless theme parks, you’ll likely want to settle down to a low-key slice at home. Negate the sweets and snacks with a wholesome pie bearing chorizo, black olives, plum tomatoes and green peppers that won’t require you to wait in any more long lines.

Pizza Xtreme

Madison, Wisconsin: Mac n’ Cheese from Ian’s Pizza

Ian’s has used the power of pizza to invest in their community at every level. They provide Dough-Nation request forms, for charitable events and organizations that could benefit from free pies, they display "Puppy of the Month" placards at their counter, showcasing dogs in need of adoption, and they support the growth of their employees. And, oh yeah, they keep their patrons well supplied with all manner of ridiculously delicious pies, such as the best-selling Mac n’ Cheese, piled with noodles, mozzarella, cheddar and creme.

Detroit: Square Pie from Buddy’s Pizza

When in Detroit, there’s no question you have to try the signature Detroit style of pizza, boasting a thick, rectangular crust coated with a baked-on layer of cheese. And you’d be hard-pressed to find a better example of the form than Buddy’s Pizza, which has been deep-dishing out the original since 1946. Thankfully for Michigan residents, the speakeasy turned Sicilian pie specialist is now an independent chain, serving double-stretched dough layered with pepperoni and Wisconsin brick cheese, from Detroit to Ann Arbor to Dearborn and beyond.

Atlanta: Carnevale from Amalfi Pizza

Two 6000-pound wood-burning brick ovens hold court at Amalfi Pizza, so you know the trattoria excels at traditional Neapolitan pies. And since the incendiary flames are able to cook off rounds in seconds, it practically ensures speedy delivery of Tartufo e Funghi (mushroom and truffle) or Carrettiere (sausage and broccoli rabe). Another draw at Amalfi is that any pizza can be ordered "Carnevale" style — shaped into a star, with a fresh ricotta-stuffed crust.

Anchorage, Alaska: Hot Coppa from Fat Ptarmigan

Located in downtown Anchorage, Fat Ptarmigan is helmed by Alaska native and James Beard nominee, Guy Conley. Conley does his state proud with gourmet creations shuttled from a wood-burning oven, such as a pie crowned with smoked salmon, creamy dill sauce and leeks, and another anointed with reindeer sausage and beer cheese. The classic Hot Coppa features spicy red sauce, fennel sausage, pepperoni, spicy coppa and roasted peppers.

Seattle: Tomato Pie from Dino's Tomato Pie

The owner of this throwback pizzeria is an East Coast native, and his pies are the kind of square, Sicilian "grandma pies" he grew up eating in Jersey pizza taverns. Available through Caviar, the menu includes hot salami and aged mozzarella pie, an all-white ricotta and Parmesan creation and, the ultimate crowd-pleaser, Weekend at Dino's, with bacon, pineapple and house-pickled jalapenos.

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Pittsburgh: Fancy Pants from Slice on Broadway

Bust out your finest top hat and polish your monocle to prepare for one of Pittsburgh’s fanciest slices. The winner of multiple readers’ choice awards over the years, Slice is stubbornly committed to perfect pizza, and the Fancy Pants proves that conviction with a vibrant and luxurious layer of basil pesto, thinly sliced prosciutto, baby spinach, sun-dried tomatoes and goat cheese.

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Los Angeles: Sonny’s Favorite from Jon & Vinny’s

You can thank Vinny’s oldest son for the brainwave that is this bacon-bedazzled pie. A favorite with the meat-obsessed Sonny (and plenty of customers), this exceptional pizza features grilled slab bacon, zingy white onions, Grana Padano and a two-part punch of aged mozzarella and fior di latte for creamy contrast.

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Baltimore: Crab Pie from Matthew's Pizza

More than a neighborhood slice shop, Matthew’s has enjoyed a lifelong love affair with many loyal patrons since the early ’80s. Its secret to success? The beloved crab pie, inspired by a batch of leftover crabmeat (a problem that could only exist in Baltimore). Lovingly piled with mozzarella, freshly grated Argentine Reggianito, lump crabmeat and caramelized onions, the towering pie is finished with a sprinkle of Old Bay, of course.

Matthew's Pizza

Edina, Minnesota: Adobo Chicken from Hello Pizza

Chef and owner Ann Kim brought her love of the New York slice all the way to Minnesota, at her East Coast-inspired Hello Pizza (her other acclaimed pie palaces include Pizzeria Lola and Young Joni). Paying strict attention to the three hallowed tenets of craft, ingredients and grease, Hello Pizza does an understandably brisk delivery business serving classic, gluten-free and Sicilian pan pizzas, as well as specialty pies. It only seems right to try the New Yorker, featuring housemade fennel sausage, roasted peppers and onions, mozzarella, ricotta and provolone, but fans love the Adobo Chicken, with barbecue sauce, mozzarella, pulled chicken, brick cheese, red onions, scallions and jalapenos

Honolulu: The Lanikai from Doughlicious

Whether you’re a student cramming at the University of Hawaii or a tourist soaking up the sun at Waikiki Beach, Doughlicious offers fast, free delivery to suit pie cravings. For an authentic taste of the islands, stick to the Hawaiian-pizza section, where you’ll find the land-and-sea-inspired Lanikai, a pairing of local pineapples and shrimp with bacon and jalapenos. For extra snap, add a scattering of sweet Maui onions.


Chicago: The Malnati Chicago Classic from Lou Malnati’s

Fiercely loyal fans will tell you that it’s all about the trademarked "Buttercrust" at this renowned Chicago deep-dish destination. That ultra-flaky, buttery base stems from a secret family recipe and sets the tone for the Classic, baked in a well-seasoned aluminum pan and covered with Malnati’s exclusive sausage blend, local mozzarella and vine-ripened tomato sauce. That’s a winning formula that hasn’t changed for over 40 years.

Lou Malnati's

Portland, Maine: Butternut Squash, Ricotta & Cranberry from Otto Pizza

When considering a vegetarian option to complement the popular mashed potato, bacon and scallion pie, Otto turned to butternut squash for its earthy sweetness. With squash lending rich color and balance to the duo of tart cranberries and creamy ricotta, the butternut pie developed an instant following that hasn’t let up, and is a homey taste of fall with classic New England flavor. This eco-friendly shop earns bonus points for recently expanding its sustainable bike delivery program.

Otto Pizza

Las Vegas: Sausage & Stout from Pizza Rock

Don’t sleep on Sin City’s finest slices, from pizza champ Tony Gemignani. The kitchen fires up four different ovens that churn out varying styles, from cracker-thin Chicago to oversized Sicilian. Pizza Rock makes only 23 of its Sausage & Stout pies daily, so it’s important to get your order in early. The payoff is honey-malted Guinness dough, housemade beer sausage, fontina, beer salt and a sweet Guinness reduction — that’s a definite Vegas jackpot.

New York City: Soppressata Piccante from Motorino Pizza

Where’s the pepperoni? This New York City pizzeria upgrades its meat topping with the glory that is soppressata: spicy, coarse-ground salami that’s a sure sign of authentic Neapolitan pizza. Laced with red pepper flakes, the soppressata is always an all-star order at Motorino, where it’s layered over bright tomato sauce and fior di latte cheese and treated to a shower of pecorino, oregano and sea salt. Looking for an even spicier option? Upgrade to the Soppressata Super Picante, which comes strewn with fresh chilies.


Seattle: Brooklyn Bridge from Pagliacci Pizza

This Seattle favorite is dedicated to providing compost- and recycling-friendly delivery boxes and using "green" power, meaning locals can feel good about dialing for delivery. Open since 1979, Pagliacci consistently tops local pizza best-of lists, thanks to timeless winners like the Brooklyn Bridge, made with local Italian sausage and mushrooms, olives, green peppers and onions.

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Milwaukee: Cheese and Mushroom from Zaffiro’s Pizza

Milwaukee’s historic Third Ward was an established Italian enclave for over half a century. So when pizza gained popularity in the States, it flourished in the area, and became a calling card for entrepreneurs like Bobby Zaffiro. The son of a Sicilian immigrant, Zaffiro opened his eponymous spot in 1954, which emerged as a haven for thin-crust pies. While Bobby has since passed, the eatery is still run by family, and remains frequented by generations of other Wisconsin families too!

Little Rock, Arkansas: The Underdog from Damgoode Pies

This Little Rock favorite has more than earned its name, with a staunch commitment to preservative-free, whole milk mozzarella, as well as farm-fresh veggies, sauces comprising top quality ingredients (think everything from original red and tomato basil, to spicy white and pesto cream) and meats cooked daily on site. No wonder they continue to expand their delivery service area, in order to meet widespread demand for The Hog (pepperoni, Canadian bacon, sausage, crumbled bacon, cheddar), the Underdog (ground beef, peppers, onions olives and pink sauce) and other assorted thin-crusted or hand-tossed pies.

Austin: The Little Piggy from East Side Pies

In Texas, it can be tempting to eat barbecue for every meal. This thin-crust, barbecue-style pizza will help you stick to that meat-packed diet, thanks to a heap of pulled pork piled over hearty black bean sauce with sweet potatoes, coleslaw and goat cheese. Don’t miss East Side’s other signature pizza sauces either, changing up the usual tomato for chimichurri, tomatillo, spinach-curry and more.

East Side Pies

North Charleston, South Carolina: Beef and Cheddar from EVO Pizza

EVO stands for extra virgin oven, which you’ll find at North Charleston’s wood-fired pizzeria and craft bakery. Having begun life as a mobile pie parlor (little more than an oven on wheels), EVO now holds court at a flourishing brick and mortar, where chef/owners Matt and Ricky are dedicated to using product from local food producers and purveyors. Which means, you’ll really score a taste of South Carolina, when you tear into the Beef & Cheddar made with Brasstown beef, Hook’s 3-year cheddar and red cabbage chow chow, the Pistachio Pesto strewn with Split Creek Farm fromage blanc, and the Sausage & Chili with Rooting Down fresno chiles, wilted tatsoi and butternut squash puree.

Phoenix: Roasted Fennel & Italian Sausage from Spinato’s Pizzeria

A little taste of Chicago in Phoenix, this local favorite is the result of the Spinato family’s move from the Windy City to the Valley of the Sun. Over 40 years later, the family-run business is five locations strong, serving up classics like this pie topped with roasted fennel, fontina, Asiago, Italian sausage and balsamic glaze.

Spinato's Pizzeria

Greenville, Delaware: The Queen from Pizza by Elizabeths

Pizza by Elizabeths is undoubtedly a Delaware dine-in destination, thanks to a bar carved from Carrera marble and flanked by high-backed leather sofas, as well as a dining room that evokes the glamour of assorted Elizabeths past to present. That said, sometimes you want to hunker down on a couch in rumpled jammies, and devour an entire pizza, and services like Postmates and Doordash allow you to bring Elizabeths home. The concept of demolishing a pie in your pajamas may not be especially elegant, but the Queen (sauced with creamy mushroom duxelles) and the Taylor (dotted with rosemary onion saute and goat cheese) most certainly are.

Portland, Oregon: Buffalo 666 from Sizzle Pie

Leave it to Portland to bring the funk — with its pizza and everything else. To wit: the Buffalo 666. This "unholy creation" riffs on Buffalo chicken pizza by using vegan-approved ingredients. Housemade vegan ranch dressing sets the scene, followed by Daiya cheese, red and green onions, and Buffalo sauce-slicked jackfruit in place of chicken. And that’s just one of a dozen-plus vegan and vegetarian pies on the menu.

Sizzle Pie

Minneapolis/St. Paul: Fire-Breathing Dragon from Pizza Luce

The Twin Cities can’t get enough of these personality-packed pies. Pizza Luce’s menu abounds with vegan- and vegetarian-friendly options slapped with spunky monikers, but heat seekers will want to zero in on the Fire-Breathing Dragon. Sweet chile sauce, fiery jerk chicken, pineapple salsa, green onion and smoked Gouda make a spice lover’s slam dunk; swap in tofu and nut-based cheese substitute and it’s totally vegan.

Pizza Lucé

New Orleans: Sausage and Peppers from Pizza Delicious

Laissez le bon temps rouler at Pizza Delicious in New Orleans, which offers bike delivery nightly throughout Bywater and Marigny. Sundried tomatoes, peppadew peppers, pancetta and hot coppa are part of a changing catalog of toppings, and notable slices include the Rosemary Potato, accented with red onion and spicy béchamel.

Columbus, Ohio: Large Pepperoni from Massey’s Pizza

Pepperoni pundits, your time is now. Every large pie at this Columbus institution is adorned with 155 pieces of meat, ensuring that you get a mouthful of the spiced, locally made sausage in every bite. Baked on a bed of cornmeal with a 50/50 blend of mozzarella and provolone, this is Massey’s most-famous pie by far. Live outside the state? Place an order for parbaked pizzas via the Massey’s By Mail service.

Massey’s Pizza

St. Louis: Imo’s Deluxe from Imo’s Pizza

If you’re a St. Louis native, chances are you live near an Imo’s. The 50-year-old pizza parlor has expanded to nearly 100 locations and is believed to have been the first pizzeria west of the Mississippi to offer delivery. Imo’s stands out in large part thanks to its Provel cheese, that signature St. Louis fusion of cheddar, Swiss and provolone with which many locals have a love-hate relationship. Experience it in all its glory with the Deluxe, stacked with sausage, mushrooms, bacon and more.

Imo’s Pizza

Providence: Pear & Gorgonzola from The Pizza Gourmet

Welcome to grilled-pizza country. A long-standing Providence tradition, grilled pizza is taken very seriously at The Pizza Gourmet, where crusts are cooked over oak and maple wood at temperatures nearing 1,800 degrees. That trademark char pairs especially well with ripe pears, Gorgonzola, candied walnuts and balsamic essence on one of the shop’s top pies.

The Pizza Gourmet

Biloxi, Mississippi: The Bobby Flay from Sal & Mookie’s

They may be based in Mississippi, but Sal & Mookie’s has a New York state of mind. Brick oven pizza is the heart of the menu, which the team perfected by undertaking an exhaustive pizza eating marathon throughout NYC. And the Big Apple inspiration doesn’t stop there... every pie is named after famous New York landmarks and people. Think the Central Park with mozzarella, grilled chicken and bacon, the South Street Seaport featuring crabmeat, crawfish and Old Bay béchamel, and even the Bobby Flay, paved with ground beef, chipotle bbq sauce and smoked gouda.

San Francisco: Salsiccia from Flour + Water Pizzeria

Thanks to special delivery services, you can still experience San Fran’s acclaimed Flour & Water, even if you can’t secure a seat. As the name would suggest, the eatery is obsessive about dough, allowing it to mature over three days for the ultimate interplay of crunch and chew. And needless to say, attention is paid to much more than the pizza’s foundation — think elegant toppers of burrata, basil and lemon, as well as pancetta, brussels sprouts and crescenza cheese, and black truffled pecorino, shallots and garlic confit.

Columbia, Missouri: Panda’s Pepper from Shakespeare’s Pizza

Beloved Missouri pizza chain Shakespeare's has made a conscious effort to keep with the times, since opening in 1973. They continue to woo new patrons with gluten free crusts, vegan options, and even the ability to bring your own cheese if you’re allergic to dairy. They’ve further expanded their reach with frozen pizza, which can be found in stores throughout the state or shipped nationwide. And they’ve cemented their good standing in the community by providing reduced-cost pizzas for fundraisers. Panda’s Pepper brings together Pepper Jack, pepperoni, green peppers, jalapenos and banana peppers.

Indianapolis: Creole Pizza from Jockamo Upper Crust

The winner of Tripping’s 2017 Best Pizza Award, this Indianapolis joint specializes in unconventional flavor combinations that will never lead you astray. This is especially true when ordering from the tempting selection of seafood pizzas. Case in point: The over-the-top Creole combination features locally smoked Cajun sausage, cheesy etouffee sauce, green peppers and either shrimp or crawfish that’s dusted with Cajun spice mix.

Jockamo Upper Crust

Kansas City, Missouri: Philly Cheesesteak from Minsky’s

Two of Minsky’s managers are actually Philadelphia natives, so perhaps this Philly cheesesteak was invented to satisfy homesick cravings. The cream cheese-slicked pie (a common Midwestern pizza quirk) is topped with sliced sirloin steak, green peppers, red onions and a secret Minskitoni sauce, and is officially Pennsylvanian-approved.


Boston: Nostrano from Coppa

Don’t pinch yourself: Delivery from this hip Beantown enoteca is very, very real. Thanks to Caviar delivery service, you can feast on James Beard Foundation Award-winning chef Jamie Bissonnette’s next-level pizzas from the comfort of your couch. This salami-topped pie — featuring a spicy-sweet medley of Calabrian chilies and wildflower honey — will be the most comforting pizza to ever hit your doorstep, hands down.


Raleigh, North Carolina: Venus & Mars from Moonlight Pizza

Gone gluten-free? Moonlight’s got you covered with a great-tasting dough created specifically for gluten-sensitive customers. Plus, all of the pizza toppings are sourced straight from the local farmers market before hitting that signature braided crust. Keep an eye on the rotating seasonal pies, or go for the classic Venus & Mars studded with smoked sausage, artichoke hearts, crunchy pine nuts, roasted corn and rosemary.

Moonlight Pizza

Tucson, Arizona: Bone Collector from Serial Grillers

From successful food truck to brick-and-mortar hot spot, Serial Grillers is the vision of two brothers with an offbeat sense of humor. Each pizza on their menu is named after an iconic horror movie, like Texas Chainsaw Massacre and Copycat. But there’s no need to run from the top-selling Bone Collector, a tempting spiral of boneless chicken wings splattered with three cheeses, Buffalo sauce and ranch dressing.

Serial Grillers

Philadelphia: Lucy Waggle from Pizza Brain

Pizza Brain bears the distinction of being the world’s very first pizza museum. Opened by four ’za obsessives, it even earned a Guinness World Record for its collection of pizza memorabilia, including vintage print ads, toys and movie posters. Too lazy to visit the museum in person? You can still enjoy an important piece of pizza culture at home by ordering the Lucy Waggle, a sweet-savory blend of mozzarella and Grana Padano cheeses, plus pine nuts, dates, crispy prosciutto, thyme and arugula.

Pizza Brain

Nashville: Dante’s Chicken Pie from Pizza Perfect

This Vanderbilt-adjacent pizza haven has sated hunger for local college students since 1983. The crowds are lured by the weekly beer-and-slice deals and the choice of thin-crust or Sicilian-style pies in endless flavor options. One of the hottest pies, literally, is Dante’s Chicken, slathered with a blazing habanero sauce and draped in spinach, bacon, chicken, cheddar and tomatoes.

Pizza Perfect

Detroit: 8 Corner Pizza from Jet’s Pizza

The one problem with Detroit’s signature square pizzas is that they inspire lusty squabbles over the coveted crisp corner pieces. To end the tug-of-war, the founders of the Michigan-famous Jet’s concocted the clever 8 Corner Pizza, which guarantees one crunchy corner per slice. The time-tested deep-dish dough and secret sauce can’t be replicated at home, but happily, Jet’s delivers to multiple locales around the country.

Jet’s Pizza

Iowa City, Iowa: Taco Deluxe from Wig & Pen Pizza Pub

A London-inspired pizza pub with four locations in Iowa? It may sound unusual, but there’s been plenty of critical acclaim heaped on the quirky Wig & Pen Pizza Pub. Both patrons and media types appreciate the ability to customize creations, from crust (thin, deep dish or stuffed deep dish) to toppings (imitation crab, blue cheese or sauerkraut, anyone?) Or, you can just leave it to the house. There’s an Iowan with sweet corn, Canadian bacon and spinach, and a Union Jack, of course, featuring sausage, pepperoni, peppers, onions and mushrooms. The Taco Deluxe, though, crams taco fillings, including ground beef, salsa and chips, into a deep dish.

Atlanta: Bougee Pie from Cameli’s Pizza

Cameli’s is quite the hip ATL hangout, with industrial-chic digs and an expansive rooftop bar. But when your yen for an Infamous Monster Slice (an expansive wedge of a 28-inch pie, graced with your choice of toppings), or Pizza Luna (a half-moon stuffed pie) exceeds your need for atmosphere, it’s a great thing knowing that Cameli’s can be had at home in PJs. Go for the Bougee Pie, which has sun-dried tomato sauce with artichoke hearts, red onions and prosciutto.

Boise, Idaho: Effin Good Pie from Pizzalchik

With a name like Pizzalchik (a union of pizza-salad-chicken), you can expect that this place will serve up mighty creative fusion pies. Go whole hog with the two-in-one barbecue chicken-topped Effin Good Pie that also corrals fresh pineapple, ground bacon, green onions and a 50/50 blend of provolone and mozzarella.


Charlotte, North Carolina: Wood Grilled Fungi from Intermezzo Pizzeria

Leave the fungi foraging to the pros at Intermezzo, where two brothers pride themselves on serving hand-tossed pizza and unique Serbian dishes. Inspired by the foraged mushrooms the owners’ mother used to prepare, this earthy pie is scattered with grilled portobello, shiitake, oyster and button mushrooms over mozzarella before being finished with fragrant basil.

Intermezzo Pizzeria and Cafe

Memphis: Willie, Cheech & Bob from Aldo’s Pizza Pies

Memphis may be best-known for barbecued pork, but it’s no slouch in the pizza department either. One glance at Aldo’s specialty pizzas will prove that prowess, especially if you go for the Willie, Cheech & Bob, a surprisingly successful marriage of jerk chicken, mozzarella, mango chutney, red onion and ripping-hot jalapeno.


Photo courtesy of Christopher Reyes

Aldo’s Pizza Pies

Miami: Star Luca from Visa-O1 Extraordinary Pizza

Want a celestial aura with your slice? This star-shaped wonder was created by a Visa-O1 chef during a competition that challenged participants to make easy-to-share, extraordinary pizza. Unsurprisingly, the Star Luca took first place with its distinctive crust and filling of San Marzano sauce, ricotta, Calabrese salami and fresh basil.

Mister 01 (Formerly Visa-01 Extraordinary Pizza)

San Francisco: Burratina di Margherita from Tony’s Pizza Napoletana

If you’re going to order delivery, it might as well be from a 12-time World Pizza Champion. Pizza master Tony Gemignani offers a range of pies — including coal-fired and Roman-style — at his Telegraph Hill eatery, but the Burratina di Margherita is an excellent place to start. This award-winning pie is all about the creamy Burrata and the balsamic reduction, layered with bright cherry tomatoes, fresh basil and extra virgin olive oil.

Tony's Pizza Napoletana

Milwaukee: The Katalina from Transfer Pizzeria

Delivered by bike, your pizza may take slightly longer to reach you, but the wait for these inventive pizzas — also available gluten-free — is well worth it. Hailing from the “Garlic” section of the menu, the Katalina is one of Transfer’s greatest hits, because of its simple structure: Garlic cream sauce, thinly sliced Genoa salami, shredded mozzarella and tender artichoke hearts seal the deal.

Transfer Pizzeria

Wichita, Kansas: ICT Pizza from Knolla’s Pizza

Knolla’s customers really know best: They created this pizza themselves. Named after Wichita’s airport code, the ICT was the result of a poll asking locals which toppings best represented their city. As the state flower, sunflowers had to make an appearance, so the ICT is topped with a medley of sunflower seeds, ground beef, whole-milk mozzarella and tomatoes. It’s finished with shredded Parmesan, basil and barbecue sauce.

Knolla’s Pizza

Cleveland: Smac N’ Cheese from Brothers Pizza Co.

When the quintessential childhood comfort food pops up in a garlic-butter crust, it makes a comfort food that pretty much everyone will love. And so begins the story of this mac-and-cheese-topped pie that’s overhauled to suit the way Cleveland eats pizza. Built on a base of fluffy buttermilk dough drizzled in garlic butter, the pizza takes an even more decadent turn when macaroni, crispy bacon and cubes of Velveeta come raining down. In the owner’s words, it’ll "smack you in the mouth."

Brothers Pizza Co.

Houston: K. Renee’s from Bombay Pizza Co.

Named after the customer who inspired Bombay Pizza Co., the K. Renee’s pizza is a seafood spectacular. A vibrant mix of tandoori-spiced shrimp, fresh crab, bell peppers and goat cheese, the pizza is topped with homemade cilantro-mint chutney, one of the signature sauces that makes Bombay’s Indian-Italian fusion so successful and unique.

Bombay Pizza Co.

Washington, D.C.: Edge of the Woods from Pete’s Apizza

Fans of crispy, charred New Haven-style "apizza" no longer need to trek to Connecticut to get their fix. And while this D.C. favorite makes a mean traditional clam pie, don’t be afraid to branch out with other specialties like the Edge of the Woods. Pete’s raises the bar on eggplant toppings with thinly sliced fried eggplant that lends singular crunch to a bed of ricotta, sauteed spinach and caramelized onions.

Pete’s Apizza

Louisville, Kentucky: The Big Wick from Wick’s Pizza

"Big" is an understatement for this pizza at Wick’s. Ranging in size from 10 to 18 inches, depending on your hunger level, The Big Wick looms large with its truckload of toppings. Filling out the roster: Italian sausage, ground beef, pepperoni, tomatoes, black olives, mushrooms, green peppers and more. Wick’s No. 1 pizza for 25 years running, this monster will forever change your delivery-pizza game.

Wick’s Pizza

Jackson Hole, Wyoming: BBQ Porky G'ZA from Pinky G’s Pizzeria

Regularly voted as the very best pizza in Jackson Hole, Pinky G’s nails what it serves. It helps that the Pinky boys also own a barbecue spot. Which means it’s an excellent bet to gravitate toward pies like the BBQ Porky G’ZA, an imposing assemblage of kurobuta pulled pork and red and green peppers, on a tangy barbecue sauce base.

Oklahoma City: The Flaming Lips from Knucks Wheelhouse

The heat radiating off this pie might just bring about psychedelic visions — which is appropriate, considering it’s named for Oklahoma City’s most-famous local band. It all starts innocently enough with amber-ale-infused dough and mozzarella, but what follows is downright incendiary: housemade Sriracha sauce, spicy Italian sausage, fresh jalapenos, Sriracha drizzle and ghost pepper salt bring fire power. It’s a pie best served with a side of milk.

Knucks Wheelhouse

Dallas/Fort Worth: Honey Bastard from Cane Rosso

Pro tip: The Honey Bastard is Cane Rosso’s most-popular pizza — and it’s not even on the menu. Don’t let that minor detail stop you, because this spicy-sweet pie is always available for delivery. The combination includes housemade mozzarella, hot soppressata, sticky-sweet bacon marmalade and a fiery drizzle of habanero-infused honey.

Cane Rosso

Brooklyn: Margherita from Table 87

Table 87 takes delivery to a whole new level. Not only can Brooklyn residents receive at-home rations of coal oven pizza by the slice, anyone in the United States can snag a taste, thanks to nationwide shipping of frozen, oversized margherita slices, or mushroom-topped truffle oil-infused pies.

Denver: Brisket Pizza from Hops & Pie

Didn’t expect a craft beer taproom to offer pizza delivery, did you? Aside from the suds selection, the pie delivery is what makes Hops & Pie so darn likeable. The menu offers an enviable list of meaty toppings like smoked ham hock and pastrami (and a few vegan options) for those who prefer personalized combinations. But the powerhouse has to be the beer-braised brisket, which the owner likes to pair with applewood-smoked bacon, pickled jalapeno and caramelized onion.

Hops & Pie

Newark, New Jersey: Margherita from Mercato Tomato Pie

Mercato firmly believes that simple, quality ingredients are all you need to succeed, rather than pages and pages of outrageous menu options. That’s why you’ll want to revel in the no-frills beauty of the classic Margherita, made with farm-fresh tomatoes, mozzarella and basil, and baked in Mercato’s 1,000-degree coal-fired oven.

Mercato Tomato Pie

Atlanta: Red River from Pizza Bella

No ordinary flour will do when it comes to Pizza Bella’s famously light and crispy pies. Here, the chef uses only Italian-imported “00” double-cut wheat flour, which results in crusts with richer flavor and texture. The hand-tossed Red River is one of the house favorites, made with roasted local chicken breast, cheddar, mozzarella and cilantro, and finished with your choice of tangy or spicy barbecue sauce.

Pizza Bella

Tulsa: Pollo Blanco from Pie Hole Pizzeria

Tulsans agree: Pie Hole’s crust is top-notch — it’s popular enough that the store even sells fresh dough for fans to take home and bake themselves. To start, leave it to the professionals to craft New York-style pizza in inviting flavors like the ultrapopular Pollo Blanco, slathered in Alfredo sauce and garlic-infused olive oil and adorned with savory baubles of chicken, bacon, spinach and mushrooms.

Pie Hole Pizzeria

Washington, D.C.: Buffalo Chicken from We The Pizza

You’ll find 14 or more pies available by the slice at We The Pizza, a Capital Hill go-to run by chef Spike Mendelsohn and his entire extended family. And while the menu is extensive, it certainly doesn’t come at the expense of attention to detail. Dough is made from flour milled solely from winter wheat from the northern Great Plains, herbs and meat are sourced from small family farms, and luscious Fiore di Latte mozzarella is hand-spun on site.

New Haven, Connecticut: Fresh Clam Pizza from Dayton Street Apizza

New Haven’s been the site of a fierce local pizza rivalry for decades. With multiple contenders angling for top place, the mark of a great "apizza" is measured by the caliber of the fresh clam pie. At Dayton’s, this means a dedication to freshly delivered clams, high-quality olive oil, bright parsley and garlic, and a final spritz of lemon over a springy, crisp crust. (Free delivery doesn’t hurt either.)

Dayton Street Apizza

Virginia Beach, Virginia: Chicago-Style Deep Dish from Windy City Pizza

Great deep-dish delivery in Virginia is a cinch, thanks to two Chicago transplants who brought a taste of home to the Chesapeake Bay. Windy City offers both deep-dish and thin-crust styles made with ingredients shipped from Chicago, naturally. To create the gaping deep-dish pizza, the kitchen uses a staggering pound and a half of cheese, plus fresh Italian sausage baked right into the pie.

Windy City Pizza

Anchorage, Alaska: Beer Cheese Pizza from Fat Ptarmigan

Beer cheese? Yes, please. What started as a killer beer-cheese soup spawned an equally appealing pizza sauce from this restaurant’s James Beard Foundation Award-nominated chef, Guy Conley. In case those beginnings weren’t auspicious enough, this wood-fired pie is then piled high with reindeer sausage (this is Alaska, after all), roasted red peppers, bacon and green onions.

Fat Ptarmigan

Chicago: Sausage and Broccoli Rabe Pie from Pizzeria Bebu

Think Chicago is all about deep dish? Pizzeria Bebu proves the Windy City isn’t just a one-trick pony when it comes to pies. The husband-and-wife-owned-eatery has taken the road less traveled by devoting its ovens to thin crust, turning out crispy-cornichoned creations like the White Squall, with clams, bacon, Crystal hot sauce and panna, or the classic combo of sausage and rabe.

Omaha: The Sparky from Lighthouse Pizza

Cream cheese strikes again, proving that Midwesterners go wild for silky-smooth, indulgent pies. The Sparky covers that cream cheese with sausage, pepperoni and the house Sparky’s Sauce, a specialty sweet Buffalo sauce invented by a local firefighter that’s developed a serious cult following. A staple during tailgating season, the sauce became so popular that it catapulted this pie to the top of the menu for life.


Albuquerque, New Mexico: Chupacabra from Straight Up Pizza

The Chupacabra — a legendary monster that’s supposedly terrorized regions of the Americas — makes for pretty unique pizza inspiration. A nod to the monster’s terrifying bite, the pie packs on the heat with a spicy marinara sauce, pepperoni, fire-roasted red peppers and local Hatch green chiles, representing New Mexico’s native colors.

Straight Up Pizza

Buffalo: The Stinger from Imperial Pizza

Don’t fret; the Stinger bites only if you want it to. Based on Imperial’s best-selling sub recipe, the pizza version is covered in your choice of chicken fingers — hot, medium, mild or barbecue — plus an abundance of steak and mozzarella over either red or blue cheese sauce. It’s a mammoth of extra-meaty proportions, so you’ll want to invite some friends over to help finish it.

Imperial Pizza

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