Bachelor in Paradise Dude Eats Cheese, Causes Ruckus

Derek Peth’s big, bold Brie hold has impressed some and infuriated others.

Many reality TV stars fade into the background after their turn in the limelight ends, but Derek Peth, known (by those who keep track of such things) for his stints on Bachelorette and Bachelor in Paradise, is back in the spotlight … for a very strange reason: the way he eats cheese.

To be fair, the way the bearded dude eats cheese is itself very strange.

Last week, as several outlets have noted, a video broke through the clutter showing Peth happily biting into what appears to be an entire quarter of Brie, clutched in one hand, and what might be either bread or another hunk of cheese (speculation differs), clutched in the other.

No knife. No spreader. No cracker. No need!

The video was filmed backstage at an event for the podcast Almost Famous and was posted on podcast co-host Ashley Ioconetti’s Instagram story. Sitting next to Peth in the video was Ben Higgins, Ioconetti’s co-host, who, as cameras flashed, dryly commented, “Just me next to Derek as he eats a block of cheese.” (Peth, to his credit, guffawed heartily at the wry observation about his fromage-consuming foibles.)

The video really took off when journalist Yashar Ali, who has 561K followers on Twitter, shared it with the world with the caption, “Look how @PethDerek eats god.”

Peth’s big, bold cheese-eating method found supporters: “Don’t know who those guys are but I fully support his right to eat cheese like a boss,” wrote one commenter to Ali’s post. “Isn’t this how everyone eats Brie?” inquired another – to which someone else answered, “No.”

Whatever. Peth, whose pinned tweet (from September 2019) atop his own Twitter account reads, “My love language is cheese,” is unrepentant: “10/10 would recommend,” he responded to Ali.

The bottom line: There is no wrong way to eat cheese.

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