Chrissy Teigen and John Legend’s Toddler Son Is One Tough Food Critic

He taste-tested a potential Super Bowl recipe with hilarious results.

If you ask a question, you better be ready for the answer, even if the answer is “no.” That goes double if you ask someone under the age of 2.

Chrissy Teigen appears to have learned that lesson – if she hadn’t already -- when she asked her one-year-old son, Miles, if he was enjoying one of the Super Bowl recipes she was testing for her new(ish) website, Cravings by Chrissy Teigen, which launched in November and shares a name with her cookbooks and kitchen- and tableware collection.

In a video posted to Teigen’s Instagram account, Miles (who, it cannot be noted too many times, is the spitting image of his dad, John Legend) can be seen in close-up, wearing a fetching bib and an uncertain look and clutching what appears to be a partially eaten hot dog swathed in some kind of bread product.

“Miles, do you like it?” Teigen can be heard asking.

Miles does not respond. He averts his big brown eyes, raises his eyebrows in an expression of mild concern, and chews slowly and thoughtfully. Perhaps he is considering how to break the news without hurting his mother’s feelings.

“Do you like it?” Teigen presses.

At last, Miles can keep his opinion to himself no longer – or at least concludes that there is no way out of answering his hopeful model-turned-cookbook-author mom.

“No,” he says, clearly, with not a hint of regret. Then he puts the food to his ear as if to say – and OK, we’re definitely guessing here – Maybe if this were a phone I would like it.

Teigen, of course, has taken Miles’ feedback in good cheer. She can be heard laughing as the video cuts out and captioned thevideo “…tough crowd. he really thought about it.”

He did, Chrissy. He really did.

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