Airy Mayo Mousse May Be a Condiment Game Changer

But it won’t be easy to grab a can.

May 23, 2022

Mayo is among the most popular and versatile of condiments, as delicious mixed into tuna as spread on a burger bun. But as many ways as mayo can be enjoyed, we are used to only seeing it sold in a jar or a squeeze bottle. Until now, that is.

Recently, a Reddit post revealed that Heinz makes a mayonnaise mousse in what looks similar to a whipped cream can.

Some social media sleuthing revealed that this weird but fascinating spin on mayo can be found on store shelves in Amsterdam.

While a mousse of mayonnaise sounds strange at first, it actually makes a lot of sense. Traditional mayo with an airier texture that can be just sprayed onto a plate could be excellent as a dipping sauce for everything from fries to chicken fingers. And we can’t help but imagine that this method of dispensing would keep the mayo tasting fresh longer thanks to not repeatedly opening up a jar and letting air into it.

Unfortunately, this mayo appears to only be available in the Netherlands as of now. Short of trying to figure out how to make our own homemade whipped cream can of mayo, we may just have to buy a plane ticket.

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