Now There’s Phoodle – A Food-Themed Wordle-Like Game

Five-letter word solutions are 'ingredients,' 'appliances' and 'famous chefs.'

May 10, 2022


Photo by: Oscar Wong/Getty

Oscar Wong/Getty

Wordle devotees who are also food nerds, this is your lucky week. A kindred spirit has just launched Phoodle, a Wordle-esque game in which the target words are food-related. Yes, bliss for culinarily inclined logophiles.

Wordle, the daily word-guessing game that set off a frenzy following its public release in October 2021 and was purchased by the New York Times earlier this year, has spawn a host of copycats, many of them theme based: Thus we have Worldle for geography buffs, Heardle for those who prefer to guess songs rather than words, BRDL for bird aficionados, Sedordle and Sedecordle for hardcore multitaskers who enjoy solving many problems at once — and now Phoodle for food fans, a game that hews close to the original word game, except … foodier.

Phoodle, which launched on Monday and posted its second game on Tuesday, offers one new game a day, just like Wordle. Also like its progenitor, Phoodle features a grid of blank squares and a keyboard with which to input a series of five-letter words in an attempt to guess the food-related target word in as few guesses as possible, with a maximum of six guesses in which to zero in on the word.

If Phoodle #2 — the one I tried — is indicative, the words of approbation earned upon successful game completion (the equivalent of Wordle’s “Splendid!” or “Phew!”) are also food-related. And, not to brag, but Phoodle gushed that I was “One smart cookie” when I solved my very first Phoodle in only one try.

Upon completion of a game, Phoodle also offers players a “PHOODLE FACT” — a bit of trivia about the food-related word. And it has the same share-your-results-without-blowing-the-answer functionality that, for a while there, made Wordle such a social media phenomenon.

Other things to know about Phoodle: Martha Stewart is already a fan and a booster (but has not yet mastered the answer-blocking share button); It was created by Julie Loria, the author of two cookbooks; And it will reportedly include weekly recipes inspired by a daily word.

Also, answers to Phoodle, which you can play either on a mobile device or web browser, may be anything “from ingredients to appliances to famous chefs and more,” Loria shared in a launch announcement posted to Instagram on Monday.

And so, fellow food lovers, let the gastronomic word games begin!

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