Starbucks' Summer Menu Is Here: Say Hello to Chocolate Cream Cold Brew

The drink is reminiscent of a chocolate malted milkshake.

May 10, 2022

Photo by: Photo courtesy of Starbucks

Photo courtesy of Starbucks

We’ve been counting the days until summer since last summer ended, and there’s a major sign that it’s finally near. Starbucks’ summer menu has launched, and it looks like it’s exactly the sort of sweet and refreshing flavor we need.

Heading off the new menu is a new Chocolate Cream Cold Brew, which is here to stay. It’s made with cold brew coffee topped with a chocolate cream cold-foam that is then sweetened with vanilla syrup.

“When creating this beverage, we wanted to bring our customers a drink that would transport them back to their favorite summer memories with each sip,” said Rosalyn Batingan of Starbucks beverage development team in a statement to the media. “The classic combination of coffee and notes of chocolate, along with the malt flavor in the chocolate cream cold foam, are reminiscent of a chocolate malted milkshake or that last bit of melted chocolate ice cream on a warm summer day to recreate the sweet, creamy flavor of summers past.”

We had the opportunity to have an early taste of this new beverage, which officially launches Tuesday, May 10, and it really was the perfect pick-me-up for summer. There’s a light creaminess and subtle sweetness which avoids being heavy or too rich of a beverage, all while being satisfying and quenching the thirst for something cold and frothy on a hot day.


Photo by: Photo courtesy of Starbucks

Photo courtesy of Starbucks

Also new on the summer menu is a Lime-Frosted Coconut Bar, which is a blend of coconut, oatmeal and mini white chocolate chips, that is then topped with lime frosting, white icing and coconut shavings.

In addition to these new menu items, the Bacon, Sausage & Egg Wrap and the Unicorn Cake Pop will be returning as well.

It’s safe to say we are thirsty for sunny days ahead!

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