Lindt Launches a Line of Oat Milk Chocolate Bars

The non-dairy "classic recipe" milk chocolate bars are plant-based and made with gluten-free oats.

May 04, 2022

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Lindt OatMilk Bars

Lindt OatMilk Bars

Photo by: Photo courtesy of Lindt

Photo courtesy of Lindt

Great news for people who love milk chocolate, but avoid dairy: Lindt is releasing a new line of “classic recipe” chocolate bars made with oat milk.

Touted as the first nationally available “non-dairy, milk-style” chocolate bars offered by a major chocolate brand, the plant-based bars are available in two varieties: Lindt Classic Recipe OatMilk and Lindt Classic Recipe OatMilk Salted Caramel.

Both OatMilk bars are said to offer the same smooth and creamy texture and high-end cocoa flavor as regular, dairy-based Lindt Classic Recipe chocolate bars. Classic Recipe OatMilk Salted Caramel also features crunchy salted caramel pieces.

In addition to being non-dairy and plant-based, the OatMilk bars are made with gluten-free oats — so they’re suitable for those who are lactose intolerant, vegan, flexitarian and/or avoid gluten.

Previously, plant-based, non-dairy bars have been more readily available in dark chocolate, according to the brand, making these a big win for dairy avoiders who prefer milk chocolate.

Lindt Master Chocolatier Ann Czaja said in a press statement that the chocolate maker was “thrilled” to introduce a chocolate “everyone can enjoy.”

“Lindt Classic Recipe OatMilk bars will deliver the same smooth, creamy experience as our Lindt Classic Recipe milk chocolate, all without the dairy,” Czaja added.

Both new bars — Lindt Classic Recipe OatMilk and Lindt Classic Recipe OatMilk Salted Caramel — are now available in individually wrapped 3.5 oz bars (SRP $4.49) at U.S. retail stores and online.

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