Salt & Straw Launches Line of Vegetable-Flavored Ice Cream

This might be the perfect excuse to have ice cream for dinner.

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August 05, 2022

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Photo by: Photo courtesy of Salt & Straw

Photo courtesy of Salt & Straw

It’s always been tempting to eat dessert for dinner. Whether we were a kid enjoying our summer break or an adult who had a tough day, why eat our vegetables when we could be having a bowl of ice cream instead?

Finally, our wishes can be reasonably granted – in a sense. Salt & Straw has merged healthy seasonal vegetables and comforting frozen desserts into an ice cream line that does indeed seem to check enough boxes to rationalize having ice cream for dinner. The new Salt & Straw Veggies You Crave menu takes all those seasonal vegetables we might otherwise have eaten in a salad or a stir fry, and turns them into ice cream.

The vegetable-forward ice cream collection includes five flavors:

Carrot Cake Batter w/ Pralined Hazelnuts: Carrot cake is firmly in the dessert category already, so ice cream is a logical step. This flavor is made of sugar-coated and slow-roasted carrots blended into a spiced ice cream with a touch of molasses. The crunchy, candied hazelnuts and cheesecake frosting add texture and decadence.

Spinach Cake w/ Chocolate Tahini Fudge: While we may not normally consider mixing spinach with chocolate, this flavor is inspired by classic Turkish dessert, and involves spinach is baked into a rich cake, covered with chocolate and then crumbled into a vanilla ice cream that itself has ribbons of tahini fudge. We’re intrigued! This one may just be the flavor we’re most excited to try.

Photo by: Photo courtesy of Salt & Straw

Photo courtesy of Salt & Straw

Green Fennel & Maple: We may think of fennel more often for our holiday roasts, but in this variation it’s steepled in maple, accentuating that black licorice-like flavor. This green ice cream uses an entire fennel plant with roasted seeds and juiced leaves, and is then steeped in fennel pollen and maple syrup. So, if you like fennel, you’ll really like this one.

Charred Corn Curd, Cotija & Tajin: There’s nothing like freshly charred corn during a summer cookout. It’s savory and sweet at the same time, whether we enjoy it on its own or transform it into a delicious Elote. This ice cream is Elote-inspired, blending corn with lime and tajin, and even crumbling in fresh cotija cheese.

Red Chili Curry & Makrut Lime Crispy Rice (v): A vegan option, this savory and spicy ice cream takes red chilis and coconut, mixed with lemongrass, ginger and more, and blends it all into coconut cream. The crispy rice and makrut lime add a burst of flavor and texture, for a truly perfect finishing touch.

The Veggies You Crave series is available from August 5 through September 2 at all Salt & Straw scoop shops and online, at $65 plus shipping for a 5-pint series pack.

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